MP3 Player help wanted

At work, this past Thursday, I won a MuVo V100 MP3 player. So far I have been able to ‘rip’ or copy music (gregorian chant and the Divine Mercy chaplet) to the unit.

My problem: I tried downloading the Rosary podcast from a Catholic website but no matter what I try (Windows Media Player or MuVo’s proprietary software) I can hear it on the computer but not ‘sync’ it to the device.

What am I doing wrong?
(Dell E521 with Window Vista Home Premium).


My experience is with Phillips GoGear devices and Windows Media Player… Never even heard of MuVo. So I don’t know how helpful I’ll be, but I’ll try.

If they provided proprietary software, my guess is Media Player won’t work unless there was a “PlaysForSure” Windows Media logo on the box.

Now if you’ve already synced other music to the player but can’t get the podcast to work, that changes things. You said you “ripped” the other music. Do you mean you copied it from a CD to your PC and/or player? My guess is that the podcast is in a format the player can’t understand. You might try using Windows Media to burn the podcast to a CD (if you have a CD burner) and then rip it in the MuVo player. I’m not sure that’ll work, though.

If you were able to rip/sync using Windows Media, go through your options menu. You can set it so that it will automatically convert files to a format that the player will understand, but I don’t think this is turned on by default.

If all else fails, read the manual;).
…If they even gave you one:mad:.

Made by Creative, who make the Zen player

Ok, thanks.

They did and the box had a decal hastily pasted to the box: "Vista compatible"
Now if you’ve already synced other music to the player but can’t get the podcast to work, that changes things. You said you “ripped” the other music.

Copied from a CD to the player.

They did both in a booklet and the rest in a pdf file on the included installation CD.

Well, it’s a learning experience. Today, I listened to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on the MP3 player) while keeping the Blessed Sacrament company.

Thanks for your prompt response.

I think the fact that it’s a podcast should already tip you off that it won’t work on the MuVo. That, and I think the biggest capacity for a MuVo is 1gb. I am not sure if the podcast is just 1gb.

Well, with help I found the answer.

MuVo doesn’t like Windows Media Player for transfers and downloads.

What a friend and I discovered was this:
Right click on the desired podcast. Vista offers to save target as a download. Save the download. Open MuVo’s software application and drag-and-drop the download into the device’s library (there are three).

Thanks to all who replied.

FYI: I have Gregorian Chant (from a CD), Russian Orthodox Chant (from downloads), the RosaryArmy rosary podcasts and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (from a CD) already loaded into the device.


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