MP3s for Latin Pronounciation

I want to learn latin but how can I know if I’m pronouncing the words right. Do you know of an MP3 to help?

Even a slowly said or chanted prayer would help. “Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus” would be excellent. Or anything like that if they talk slow. I found some latin prayers but they go so fast it’s too fast to learn.

Can anyone point me to a website with something like that?

How about the Mass? Here ya go…

Includes the text with links to the words spoken in Latin. :thumbsup:

Wow, thats perfect. thanks!

Here’s another one:


You’ve raised an interesting question.

Look at present day English. Someone from the deep South (USA) could probably not even communicate with somebody from the Scottish highlands - even though they’re both speaking English.

So who is using the proper pronunciation?

It’s possible that the way Latin is currently pronounced, even in the Mass, bears no resemblance at all to the way it was pronounced 1800 years ago. And we have no “original” Latin speakers to tell us if we’re close or not.

So my answer would be - don’t worry about it :smiley:

Or, alternatively, however you happen to pronounce it, it’s correct :slight_smile:

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