MPs 'need to be open and honest' over hospital closures

From the Beeb:
[INDENT]Politicians are “not being open and honest” about the issue of hospital closures, a coalition of charities and patient groups says.[/INDENT]According to the article, the NHS is being forced to cut between £15bn and £20bn over the next 3 years, and so as a result, are closing some hospitals, moving many services, to include minor surgeries, to GP’s offices. Members of Parliament from all parties are happy to talk about the need for savings and the need to move care into the community…but are afraid to talk about the other side of the coin…closing facilities that their constituents use.

Apparently they are afraid that their constituents will treat it as a “third rail” issue (sort of like politicians over here being afraid to own up to the problems with social security bankruptcy). And the politicians want to keep their jobs. That, too, sounds familiar.

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