MPs overwhelmingly back Brexit bill


Hooray for the UK


*The bill has passed with a majority of 384 - but there is one more vote to go.

This is on the programme motion, which sets out the timetable for the next stages of the bill.

If it passes, MPs will have three days next week for detailed consideration at committee stage, report stage and third reading - and the chance to propose amendments.

Talks with the EU are expected to last up to two years, with the UK predicted to leave the 28-member organisation in 2019.

A week is a long time in politics…

I assume you are going to congratulate the Labour Party for backing the Bill. eh Seamus?


I think this is the right result. I didn’t want to leave the EU, and I wish we weren’t, but the majority voted for it so it should be upheld.



Or maybe such a complex issue shouldn’t be decided by a simple yes or no referendum.


Another terribly sad day and the continuance of a dreadful mistake which will bed bad for Britain, bad for Europe and very likely a step towards a much less safe world.


Agreed, but that’s how it was done, the result was free and fair, and I’m glad that Parliament upheld it. It sets a terrible precedent to hold referendums, then have the government just overrrule them anyway.


Not directed to me but nevertheless … the MPs were wise enough to know it was a popular issue to go along with it. Also to go against it would mean to be seen as not respecting the outcome of the referendum, a future issue which they would have to answer to the electorates. Guess it is to their own good to agree.



My people are with sickness much enfeebled,
My numbers lessened, and those few I have
Almost no better than so many French,
Who when they were in health, I tell thee, herald,
I thought upon one pair of English legs
Did march three Frenchmen. Yet forgive me, God,
That I do brag thus. This your air of France
Hath blown that vice in me. I must repent.
Go therefore, tell thy master: here I am.
My ransom is this frail and worthless trunk,
My army but a weak and sickly guard,
Yet, God before, tell him we will come on
Though France himself and such another neighbor
Stand in our way. There’s for thy labor, Montjoy.
Gives money. Go bid thy master well advise himself:
If we may pass, we will; if we be hindered,
We shall your tawny ground with your red blood
Discolor. And so, Montjoy, fare you well.
The sum of all our answer is but this:
We would not seek a battle as we are,
Nor, as we are, we say we will not shun it.
So tell your master. (3.6.150-171)

Henry V

Well done, Britain. (Kudos for not getting stuck in the mud of Trump madness too; i.e. taking it out on Brexit; of course they would not stoop to do that.) A great day for Great Britain.



This was a mere formality.

Nobody seriously expected them not to consent to starting the process.


I agree, plus there might be considerable unrest if they overrule it.


It may be likely when the voice of the majority is not followed and promises not kept. After all that is what democracy is all about. It is those who protest the majority decision is the problem.




There’s a long road ahead. Two years of tough negotiations - no certainties.

I’d keep the champagne on ice a little longer if I were you :wink:


Clearly our American friends don’t understand how parliamentary processes work. I think perhaps they think that this vote means the UK has left the EU, oh well.


Nope that is not what we think. Oh well.

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