Mr. Bean's Holiday

So what do you all think about Mr. Bean’s Holiday? I think it’ll be a great movie and am planning on seeing it tomorrow! :smiley:


I saw it and usually I love Mr. Bean. IT was OK but I don’t think I would see it again. I much prefer him in the original series. I did like the fact that there was no profanity.

I want to go see it. I love him in his show. The Thanksgiving one with the turkey on his head is hilarious!! I hope to see the new movie sometime this week or weekend.

I haven’t seen much of his stuff but one movie that is so funny is “Johnny English”. It is a slap-stick or spoof about James Bond.

He sees himself as “James Bond”. One scene is a little off ( I skip it)but really a pretty clean funny movie.

I kind of agree - I don’t remember too much about the series, but I didn’t care too much for the movie. It didn’t have profanity - but then again it also didn’t have much of a plot. :wink:


I saw a bit of it on Saturday when I was visiting a friend. I won’t be renting it. Although I did like some of the Blackadder series (not all), did you get that in the USA?

It was ok… it has its moments but unfortunately some were just forgettable… but I still found it ok since I am a fan of Mr. Bean.

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