Mrs. Butterworth to Undergo "Complete Brand and Packaging Review

It has something to do with her matronly figure.


  1. Not one of these companies is genuine in a single thing they do.
  2. Name brand stuff cost too much anyway.

Interesting accusation. Please link to your evidence.

Often true. Sometimes, however, the higher price is worth it. (Not in the case of Mrs. Butterworth. I never cared for it)

So will Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima.

It was already announced that this brand is going away.

I wish the Cornell professor quoted in the article gave evidence that a premise of Aunt Jemima is inferiority. To me, the image suggests only positive qualities of a person.

Anyway, it’s a bit ironic that we comment here about statements in the news which can be someone just making things up, yet we want evidence among ourselves. Not wrong, just ironic. I’m glad our standards are higher than some educators and corporate spokespeople.

Interesting accusation. Please link to your evidence.

Corporate behaviour is dictated by what their stakeholders desire and, ultimately, what they think will lead to greater profit. It’s “genuine”, but not in the sense that they “really care” about social justice issues.


I agree, except that I think it is a false dichotomy to pit profit against social justice.

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I guess I cannot disagree about what motivates the management.

BTW, as far as these breakfast syrups go, rather than rejecting the image, I wish the companies would improve the product so that it lives up to the image!


I didn’t even know Mrs. Butterworth was black.


Neither did I until you posted it. I thought the change was about the bottle shape and a women’s figure.


Growing up I was only able to convince my mom to buy it once.

I don’t think I ever bought it.

I like Log Cabin or actual maple syrup.

I didn’t know we had to have a link for an opinion. How do we do that?

Most opinions are based on some facts.

When an opinion includes an accusation, it ought to have evidence.

I also prefer real maple syrup.


My wife and I bought maple syrup once and didn’t like it at all.

Sorry to say our acquired taste was for that artificial stuff.

There were commercials for an animated Mrs. Butterworth a few years ago. I never assigned a real color to her and I probably would have not even first thought she was a person of color though, the bottle she is shaped in is of course, a color, that dark brown. I think she actually had a voice too which certainly did not to me, sound like it was from a minority.

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The solution to all of this is to have everything in a simple package of one color with the description written in another color. Now of course there will have to be much discourse on what those two colors are as to not offend any segment of the population.

Then the names of the products must be addressed. Does a certain name sound too ethnic? Does another name sound too white? Maybe all products should just have descriptions of what they are rather than a name.

I mean if Mrs. Butterworth is offensive then I can be offended by the snack of Cracker Jacks right?

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