MS-13 and lax immigration enforcement

Does anyone here think that the American bishops and their laxity on immigration enforcement have aided the comings and goings of members of MS-13? Is this a moral issue that they consider in their pronouncements on immigration?

Absolutely not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m glad you both seem to be 100 per cent certain. But how do you know this definitively? Are you involved in law enforcement, or have special knowledge of gang activity related to illegal immigration?

I think the intentional non-enforcement of our border and immigration laws by certain members of the government, coupled with an overly sympathetic popular view of illegal immigrants by a large segment of the population in certain cities and states has aided illicit activity originating south of the border.

I think the clergy has contributed to this overly sympathetic view, although not directly to the illicit activity.

The Catholic Church is a universal Church, I understand that it transcends nations. I don’t for a second believe that means nations have to give up their right to control access to that nation.


Yawn* It must be Tuesday morning on CAF. Someone has started a a thread that is going to trigger people. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


I’m a police officer, and though I don’t always agree with the bishops on immigration issues (I don’t always disagree either), I don’t believe that they share much or even any of the blame for gang issues. First of all, American politicians and government officials aren’t basing their decisions on what the bishops say. While politicians may sometimes pay token lip service to a bishop with whose statements they agree on a particular point, they generally don’t care what they think and are going to do whatever gets them the most votes. Secondly, many members of the Latino gangs in the US were born and raised here. Often the parents were decent upstanding people with no criminal affiliations, and their children became gang members despite a moral upbringing. Extreme poverty, a need to belong, a desire for protection or simply the glorified gang culture portrayed in movies are all motivating factors to become a gang member. The bishops are simply standing up for the value of all human beings, and I think the media often puts a more liberal slant on their message than what was originally intended.

Besides, everyone knows that the Boston Red Sox are responsible for all evil in this country, and should be immediately disbanded.



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Are you?

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No, that’s why I am asking. I was hoping for someone like Fuerza to chime in!

Thank you for your opinion, and for your service!!

From a spiritual perspective, these men are evil wherever they reside.
I doubt if they see any guilt for proposing open borders.

MS13 only becomes an issue when you focus on borders and can make them someone else’s problem to deal with. I don’t find this unchristian though, it fits with subsidiarity, where you are trying to protect people that are your responsibility.


From what I have read, MS-13 members seem to cross the borders a lot, so I can’t help but think that people who are for lax border control, are in some way assisting criminal activities. (Gang problems, human trafficking, drug smuggling).

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