MS Magazine's Gloria Steinem

How did we go from Susan B. Anthony’s drive that outlawed abortion in union with the American Medical Association, to emplacing a Supreme Court justice who earned the position, not based on her jurisprudence, but by having bullied the AMA into saying that so-called partial birth abortion, once classified by the AMA as a dangerous tissue harvesting technique, was now a viable therapeutic abortion technique?

The answer would have to be through the workings of false flag “feminist” and media darling, Gloria Steinem, who cobbled up a colorful, child-like magazine with crayon-type illustrations to co-opt feminism for monied interests who thrive on societal chaos. Societal ruin is profitable as written about in Harper’s regarding the cannibal economy associated with things like divorce. Two refrigerators where one would do in marriage is a cannibal economic plus. Crime–like rape–supports the burgeoning security industry and, on a macro-scale, reduces civil rights as traded for “security.”

Real feminism is nicely represented by Susan Brownmiller, born on Susan B. Anthony’s birthday. Brownmiller has demonstrated for civil rights and written against rape and pornography. Steinem, for her part, has written in defense of alleged serial rapist William Jefferson Clinton and MS Magazine has been funded by the Playboy Foundation. Steinem has ties with internationalists who want America taken down through toxic Femi-NAZI’s who decry marriage and monogamy. Brownmiller wants the dignity and safety of woman restored as did Susan B. Anthony.

Brownmiller’s anti-porn essay shows how threatening equity and justice feminism is to the chaos trade. Steinem represents the errors of Russia as she incited Communist groups throughout Europe and allegedly had her brains washed in Communist Russia, paralleling Clinton’s foray into Russia after getting booted from Oxford for non-consensual sex with a teenager. There is a classic feminist essay, “Jesus Was A Feminist.” We need to reclaim the movement for the safety, dignity and welfare of women as hungering and thirsting after justice, and as addressed by Blessed Pope John Paul II.

John Paul II’s dream before visiting New York shows the depth of his concern for the woman at risk. He dreamed an old woman was walking through the snow past various churches trailed by a cat; and the various orders of priests, like Jesuits, were represented as standing at the doors of their interiorly-decorated churches while doing nothing to help her plight. Woman and children, Genesis 3:15 foes of Satan and his minons, are at-risk and the Church must unite with and reclaim the “life and blessing” values of feminism that mirror Christ’s teachings and actions. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon and swiftly.

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