Msgr. Perl of the Pont. Comm. “Ecclesia Dei”: we are drafting an instruction on the interpretation of Summorum Pontificum [Fr. Z]

I don’t believe I was saying the Church was prejudice—just some people in Her. Nice try though.

All that has been said in this thread is the truth of what the Church, in Ecclesia Dei, said regarding the SSPX. That’s all. No bashing.

Please stop fighting. It takes away from the interesting original post. I say this with total kindness.


LOL!!! :rotfl:

Since there’s only Bear and me hear, I assume you’re talking about us?!?!? Really, you need to brush up a bit, dear Walking Home. We can’t shut up about the NO properly done!

No matter how you perfume it.

I don’t consider the NO a laughing matter --being the reason I do actually spend the time defending it. As you said you do the talk—yet lack in the walk.

In reading through this article I ran across a quote from Professor Georg, who was the Professor of Canon law at Mains University from 1960 to 1994. I think this quote reveals the hidden reason why some people go out of their way to attack the SSPX. The same people who never have a negative word to say about the Protestants or the Orthodox (both of whom openly reject the Church and many of its dogmas), never cease their attack on the SSPX. I think the following quote reveals the unconscious reasoning behind this phenomena

[quote=Professor Georg] The SSPX is not schismatic, because she neither rejects the subordination to the Roman Pope nor rejects the communion with the bishops (can. 751). Rather the latter reject communion with the Society [SSPX].

Because the Society is not schismatic, its members are not excommunicated. Both are untrue allegations, made by those, whom the reflective mirror presented to them by the Society, irritates.

Could it be that they instinctively hate the SSPX for the same reason that the 4th century Catholic Bishops, who were followers of the heretic Arias, hated St. Athanasius? Because the reflective mirror of the SSPX reveals to them their own irregularities?

You’ve no idea as to how lacking I may or may not be in the “walk.” I know that I certainly have spent far more time than you defending the NO in these fora (not to mention Holy Mother Church, from the calumies heaped on it by certain folks).

Getting back to the original post, I don’t see any reason to think that the Ecclesia Dei commission will change anything. If Bishops aren’t living up to the MP, why would they live up to the new guidelines? If the Ecclesia Dei commission thinks there’s a problem with obedience, how is more paperwork (and more opportunity to disobey) going to fix that?

My only idea is from observation----on where you spend your time—since the formation of the Traditional forum. While thread after thread goes on about the muck of abuses the innovators dump on the NO—your voice has been rarely found to speak on upholding the norms --and cleaning the muck off the Mass.

I can only attribute that to a recurring problem you apparently with comprehending written text. I’ve spent a lot of time decrying the abuses of the innovators, with this caveat, which people like you don’t believe: it ain’t that widespread. Where it happens, it’s notorious, but it just doesn’t happen as much as you and Traditio and Novus Ordo Watch would like the rest of us to believe (ie, that every Mass is right out of Cardinal Mahoney’s play book, that every Mass Mass involves Doritos and dancing, etc., etc.).

Not only perfuming it–but also hiding your head in the sand–it seems.

Very simple. It will further expose them for the hypocrites they are. Especially when they point fingers at the SSPX.

Well, at this point, all I can suggest is a remedial reading class. Your local community college should be able to help you.

Good show JKirkLVNV—if nothing else --hit bottom and scrap the barrel.

Obstinate and willful misunderstanding surely challenges even the patience of the saints (and I ain’t one).

Not tired yet JKirkLVNV-- of being at the bottom.

C’mon, Walking Home, we both know who’s having to yell “down” and who’s having to yell “up.” There is no bashing.

I believe it has been recently described as Rome burning --yet some will continue to bury their heads and disguised the pointing of fingers, flinging mud, etc at the SSPX.

I don’t yell. But I guess you will disguise it in any way and form.

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