Msgr Pope's excellent response to "But Jesus never mentioned this."

Link to article. The article itself is about society’s acceptance of homosexual activity and “marriage,” but this response is good for whenever someone brings this up. “B-b-b-but Christ never said anything about identity theft!”

To those who like to object that Jesus himself never spoke of homosexual acts, I would give these three responses:

[1] It was not a disputed matter among the Jews to whom he preached.

[2] Jesus said to his apostles, “He who hears you hears me.” And therefore Jesus does speak through St. Paul and the other epistle writers.

[3] The same Holy Spirit that authored the Gospels also authored the Epistles. There are not different authors or levels of authority in Sacred Writ. What St. Paul says is no less authoritative or inspired than what the evangelists recorded.

John tells us not everything Jesus did or therefore taught was written down. One would have to be more than 2,000 years old and had to be with him 24 / 7 to know for sure that he approved of save sex marriage. As the Second Person of the Trinity, he would have also been speaking in the OT. Early Church Fathers disapproved of Homosexuality in general, thus it is more likely they reflected what Jesus taught. Also, Jesus clearly defines marriage between a Man and a Woman. Peter indicates that Paul’s writings are scripture, thus Romans 1 is still in force. The Holy Spirit is still working through the Church today. Good Article, Thanks As far as I know, no Jewish sect in Jesus’ day approved of homosexuality. Science today, has NOT proven that there is a homosexual orientation. If you read the reports by the researchers themselves, they admit that. A unnatural sexual attraction speaking creation wise is more likely in line with the flesh or sin nature in Gal 5.

Jesus repeatedly condemned “pornia”, which can be translated as “sexual immorality”, “harlotry”, “whoredom”, “fornication”, et cetera.

Given the moral climate of the people he was speaking to, homosexuality would have probably been considered a form of “pornia”.

Jesus never condemned child molestation, rape, bestiality or contraception explicitly, but they are presumably condemned under the banner of “pornia”, too. Details matter, but the Jewish culture he was speaking to definitely considered homosexuality to be a form of “sexual immorality”.

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