Msgr Vs. Rev. Msgr?


Is there a difference between the title Rev. Monsignor and just plain old title of Monsignor?
Is one a higher title or something?



No. Monsignors used to be addressed as Very Rev. Monsignor and Right Rev. Monsignor depending on the grade of monsignor. That was simplified to Rev. Monsignor.


No. One is simply more formal.

If you’re addressing an envelope, write “Rev. Msgr.” (or if you’re introducing him as a dinner speaker, etc.) If you’re speaking to him directly, say “Monsignor.”


Yeah it would be super weird to directly address a Catholic priest as reverend!


In English? Yes. But in Italian the accusative “Reverendo” is common in the north. It should be noted, however, that when this is used, it isn’t used as a noun, like we use it in English; it’s similar to if we were to say “Your Reverence” in English (which is a permissible, but highly formal option).

When addressing any priest in formal writing, the (outer) envelope would use The Rev. Fr. (NB: a definitive article should always precede the title reverend, because it’s an adjective).

The Rev. Fr. John Doe
St. Mary’s Parish
123 Elm St.
Baltimore, MD 21210

Likewise, someone holding the honorary title of “monsignor” would be
The Rev. Msgr. John Doe
et c.

If the priest is the rector of a seminary or cathedral, a vicar general, a judicial vicar, et c., “The Very Rev.” would be used.

Bishops are always referred to as “The Most Rev.”


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