MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Calls Wawa’s Gaffe Mitt Romney’s ‘Grocery Scanner Moment’

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Calls Wawa’s Gaffe Mitt Romney’s ‘Grocery Scanner Moment’

by Tommy Christopher | 7:23 pm, June 18th, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been amusing peasants everywhere with his childlike amazement at the sandwich-ordering technology he sampled at a “Wawa’s” (the chain is called “Wawa,” not “Wawa’s) this past weekend, but MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell thinks Romney’s slip-up could become as iconic as President George H.W. Bush‘s purported “amazement” at a supermarket scanner, itself an exaggerated story that, nonetheless, contributed to an out-of-touch image for the 41st President.

The clip is funny, and even sort of endearing, as Romney relates to the Cornwall, PA audience by trying to settle a local convenience-store rivalry between Wawa and Sheetz (I’ve never been to a Sheetz, but we have Wawas in New Jersey, and they rule) by extolling the virtues of the Wawa sandwich ordering system.

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Why is it that the left depends on lies to do their work?

Cause if they told the truth, then they wouldn’t be Leftists.

I’m becoming more and more aware of this, at an alarming rate.

Then they’re worried about Life Site News.

This kind of editing is beyond unethical. They’ve done it before. They are using lies to get Obama reelected. This is gravely immoral. What would happen if they told the truth instead?

Unedited video MSNBC did not show:

Andrea’s Mitchell’s MSNBC video:

Romney was contrasting over-regulation of the public sector, compares to the efficiency of the private sector. He used the ordering system at WAWAs as an example.

Romney starts at about 40 seconds in to the 2nd video:

‘By the way, where do you get your hoagies here, do you get them at WAWAs?… Well I want to a place today called WAWAs, have you ever been to WAWAs? I know some people haven’t…. We went to WAWAs and it was instructive to me, because I saw the difference between the private sector and the governmental sector. People who work in government are good people and I respect what they do, but you see, the challenge with government is that it doesn’t have competition.’

'So we find ways to do things better or we lose jobs to each other.

Romney describe a story about an optometrist who to send in 33 pages of pages. The Atlantic says:

Romney on the stump, at a historic iron furnace in Cornwall, near Lebanon, using the hoagie-ordering experience at the WaWa as a parable for what’s right and wrong in America. (Wrong: a doctor told him that he had to fill out a 33-page change-of-address form, several times, to get the post office to send his mail — including reimbursement checks — to his new location. That is what happens with government-run organizations where you have “no competition.” Right: at WaWa, great hoagies. Also, very efficient touch-pad ordering system. This is what you get with competition.)

Romney at 2:45 in video which MSNBC cut to:

‘And then I was at a WAWAs and ordered a sandwich… you have a touchtone keypad, and you touch that, touch this, go pay the cashier, there’s your sandwich. It’s amazing!’

MSNBC is so deceptive, they tried to make out Romney was out of touch with mainstream America, that he was amazed at an ordering system.

So Romney ordered a sandwich at WaWa. Who cares? :shrug: Obama is ruling by executive dictate, and that doesn’t even crack the front page. :mad:

And liberals wonder why the dinosaur media is dying.

And they continue to argue that the MSM is not biased.

They are not biased. Bias means a “tendency to lean or angle towards”. There is no tendency, the MSM is all-in for the Obama camp, unabashedly and unapologetically so.

Wow…creating a gaffe where one doesn’t exist. MSNBC has true yellow journalistic skill. :thumbsup:

Apparently they are too lazy to follow Joe Biden around today.

You can only facepalm so many times before you tire of how you are going to put a positive spin on “crazy uncle Joe”.


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