MSNBC Trashes Obama's Address: Compared To Carter, "I Don't Sense Executive Command"

I’m stunned. We really are living in bizarro world now when these guys, big Obama fans, had this to say.

MSNBC Trashes Obama’s Address: Compared To Carter, “I Don’t Sense Executive Command”

Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman react to President Obama’s Oval Office Address on the oil spill. Here are the highlights of what the trio said:

Olbermann: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”

Matthews compared Obama to Carter.

Olbermann: “Nothing specific at all was said.”

Matthews: “No direction.”

Howard Fineman: “He wasn’t specific enough.”

Olbermann: “I don’t think he aimed low, I don’t think he aimed at all. It’s startling.”

Howard Fineman: Obama should be acting like a “commander-in-chief.”

Matthews: Ludicrous that he keeps saying [Secretary of Energy] Chu has a Nobel prize. “I’ll barf if he does it one more time.”

Matthews: “A lot of meritocracy, a lot of blue ribbon talk.”

Matthews: “I don’t sense executive command.”


When Obama’s own TV network trashes him like that, you KNOW he’s in trouble politically!!!

That’s what I said too. How can it be? MSNBC worships the ground lord Obama walks.

Not judging by tonight’s reaction…

Obama’s failure to deal adequately with this disaster could very well insure he’s a one term president.

And you guys just find out about it now?

MSNBC has been criticizing Obama for quite some time now. Why do you think over 60% want repeal of Obamacare? Or care for the bank reform? Dylan Ratigan seems to interview mostly Republican Senators now; he chewed out too many Democrats, I guess.

Yes, this is very strange for such a sudden and drastic turnaround. It is surreal, after all the cheerleading and excusing of anything and everything. I’m not sure what to think now. It makes me uneasy. Change is bad.

Those who watch MSNBC regularly know how true this is.:thumbsup:

They are certainly more critical of Obama than Fox was of George W Bush.

I’ve heard rumblings over at MSNBC, but their comments tonight really were harsh! Since I’m not a regular viewer, were there at least some over there who thought it was a good speech?

At 4:55 of the video of the speech:


LOL wow. We’re doomed.

Obama keeps blaming Bush / Cheney for every disaster that has gone down since Jan2009, including the oil spill.

Obama said he will kick a** on the oil boys? Silly, the oil lobbyists put him in D.C. along with the majority of the U.S. politicians there.

Obama said about BP’s Hayward, “If he worked for me I would fire him”. Hey! at least Hayward probably has a “real birth certificate” and knows he is a citizen of the UK. Hey Obama,you claim to be a bloody Yank, where is your “birth certificate”?

All jokes aside. It’s taken over 50 days to try to figure out how to stop snd clean this oil mess? And how many more people’s lives will suffer? This administration is so pathetic and dangerous. The worst in my lifetime.

All I wana know is who writes up the text all these guys repeat?

Mathew’s is just upset that the tingly feeling’s gone away.

At least the oil spill had one positive effect!

There’s an optimist if I’ve ever seen one!

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit (again).

God Bless.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn


Not only that, the Daily Show went after him for doing all the stuff he criticised Pres Bush for during the campaign – only more so, concluding he is Frodo, turning evil after putting on the Ring of Power. :smiley:

I was saying this last week to a coworker, “BHO is going to make Jimmy Carter look good!


And, the insanity continues… Or, maybe these folks are finally waking up and paying attention. But, it is still surreal to read/hear this from them, some of Obama’s biggest supporters.

"Media on Obama’s speech: Did we mention it was short on specifics?Just for kicks, do a Google search today for “Obama” and “short on specifics.”

That was the overwhelming reaction from the media to President Obama’s address to the nation Tuesday night. On Day 56 of the Gulf oil spill disaster, he made the first address of his presidency from the Oval Office – and it didn’t exactly go over well."…

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