Did anyone notice on Christmas day that MSNBC broadcast shows involving prostitutes in the morning and serial killers and the like for the rest of the day? That network is no friend of Christianity to be sure.

And Faux News doesn’t?

Lol wut.

At least Fox acknowledges Christmas as Christ’s birthday (what a novel idea). MSNBC is insanely jealous of FOX because they have half the ratings. That is why the only thing Keith Olberman talks about is FOX News and his man crush on Bill O’Reilly. Rachel Madcow is no better.

Why were you watching MSNBC on Christmas day? I don’t even atch that stuff on the other 365 days in a leap year.

MSNBC is a really lousy network. Their Christmas Day programming was typical…

I was having my morning coffee and happened to come across MSNBC and could not believe what they were showing. I scrolled ahead to see what was on later in the day and it was more of the same. I am not a regular viewer for many reasons

They’re a dedicated far left enterprise. While it’s detestable, it’s par for their course… unfortunately.

Its par for the course for every news station. MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN all show sensationalist stories on Christmas Eve (I don’t know about Christmas Day, but my grandfather has watched the news on Christmas Eve with the whole family for thirteen years now. Its a strange tradition, but its ours…). The only way to catch news that is at least moderately in the Christmas spirit is to watch NBC, CBS, FOX, or ABC’s news.

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