MSNBC'S Bashir apologizes to Sarah Palin


From the PoliticoMSNBC host Martin Bashir apologized Monday for remarks he recently made about Sarah Palin, including the suggestion that she should eat feces.

“Last Friday, on this broadcast, I made some comments which were deeply offensive and directed at Governor Sarah Palin,” he said during his show on Monday." I wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry to Mrs. Palin and to also offer an unreserved apology to her friends and family, her supporters, our viewers, and anyone who may have heard what I said."

“My words were wholly unacceptable,” he continued. “They were neither accurate, nor fair. They were unworthy of anyone who would claim to have an interest in politics, and they have brought shame upon my friends and colleagues at this network, none of whom were responsible for the things that I said. And at a place where we try every day to elevate political discourse and to focus on issues that matter to all of us.”
Glad that he is man enough to make an apology. If you would like to watch the entire apology from start to finish, you can see it at MSNBC.

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And, if you really want to see it, you can see a clip of last Friday’s show that started all of this controversy (caution: while there isn’t any out-and-out obscenity, it is pretty disgusting)

Again, my comment is that I’m glad he was man enough to come out and give a really good, heartfelt apology. I’m sure his conscience was bothering him all weekend.


Absolutely disgusting.

I hope this serves as a wake-up moment to the “news” personalities who are prone to personal attacks.


Just despicable.

Also, since when has it been decreed that no one not of the left can legitimately use the term “slavery”? Is it now impermissible to speak of slavery in any context other than that which existed in the American South?

Bashir is fortunate he hasn’t lost his job over this.


I just don’t understand all the hate for Sarah Palin by those on the left. She earned the role of governor of a state. She’s not some flake who slept her way to the top like half those boobs in Hollywood. The nerve of some people. They must really Fear her. I say we vote for her out of spite. Let’s make her a Jesse Ventura type of candidate and let’s see if they prevent her from winning Iowa on opening night in 2016 like they did with Santorum in 2012…




What is a Jesse Ventura type of candidate?


They must really Fear her.

The remaining 4% of the GOP who voted for Mondale in 1984 fear her.

But the democrats fear her extraordinarily because they need such high percentages of minority voters to even have a chance to win.

The left believes that candidates like Palin, Cruz, Bachmann, Cain would only get 35% of the vote.

Truth is any candidate----even Joe Biden—is good for at least 42-45%.

Throw in some extra voters since Americans do vote on identity politics no matter what the wizards of smart in the beltway and Hollywood say, and that number inches ever closer to 50%.

That’s in a more or less average election year.

You also mention Santorum. If he had been the nominee and held independents, he would have defeated Obama/Biden. I think he could have carried OH and PA with his union ties and Florida which was very, very close.


I was listening to Sarah Palin being interviewed on a radio show - that was sympathetic to her views. And she came off as not very well spoken on the issues. I’m sorry. We can do better than Palin. Mind you, I admire Palin in a lot of ways - she became governor of Alaska, defeated the “old boy’s club” GOP establishment, etc. But I don’t think she was ready to be vice president. Nor do I think she is ready now. Michelle Bachmann was a congresswoman from Minnesota - she never had a chance. Plus, she is too much an evangelical “Jerusalem” type for my liking. Santorum might have appealed to the blue collar types, but remember that Obama successfully blamed the economy on Bush, and the unemployment rate was decreasing in the months leading up to the election (although it looks like they cooked the books).

Bottom line, we need a qualified candidate to run, not a lightweight. I am not sure who that is, but I have faith that someone will step up soon.



This is an awesome post. Politicans around the world could do with a little more gravitas. :thumbsup:


I just wanted to note that Bashir’s remarks have been universally condemned, including on left leading sites like HuffPo, etc. There’s no excuse for this type of language.


I am glad to see that he apologized although I must admit that I wasn’t even aware of his hateful remarks until I watched the video.


The problem for the GOP is defining within itself what “qualified” is. There are two separate factions - the establishment GOP, that is moderate and in many ways IMO too similar to the democrat party (and they seem determined to foist another Bush upon us); and the Tea Party faction that is decidedly more conservative.


Minnesotans voted for Jesse Ventura more out of rebellion than anything else, and he won.


Then why does the far left bother wasting it’s time bashing Sarah Palin if there’s nothing to be gained?? This was just another display of hate from the party that pretends to be anti-hate. They’re exposing themselves unnecessarily if Palin is not a real player.

She’s a very attractive woman who won in a state that is 80% men. She sure looks better than Hillary, who has aged mightily. I’d love to see a debate between Hillary and Sarah Palin. I bet the far left is thinking that we’ve accomplished the black candidate, now let’s have a woman, and they want to hand pick their woman to win. Where’s the democratic process in that? Does your vote really count? Really?


The pollsters know that most voters are low information voters, so, hot Sarah Palin actually poses a threat, albeit for shallow reasons. Looks didn’t stop people from voting for an uncredentialed candidtate for shallow reasons for the last few elections…


Can you imagine what groups like NOW would be doing had the target of vitriol like this been a liberal woman?


NBC, a mega mainstream media outlet that owns MSNBC, shrugs and finds Bashir a guy worth keeping.
And there seems to be no back lash from the liberals watching this network.


Within a week there has been Alec Baldwin making homophobic slurs and Martin Bashir’s disgusting comments about Sarah Palin. Both happen to be MSNBC hosts although Alec Baldwin’s slurs were not said on MSNBC.

Various MSNBC hosts have a history of not sticking to critiquing policies they may disagree with, various hosts attack conservative’s charcters.

Has the National Organization for Women denounced Martin Bashir’s comments?

I think Newsbusters and Mediaite are fair use so check out the history of Martin Bashir’s inflammatory comments

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Depends on who did the attacking. Barack Obama and Harry Reid would probably get a free pass, as would any average conservative, non-Anglo Muslim male.


You know, I don’t think this is an issue of political sentiment as much as an issue of the absolutely amateurish journalism that comes from Great Britain. What exactly did this guy do to get an opportunity in the US anyway? Interview Michael Jackson. That’s it. Both he and Piers Morgan are similarly pathetic and shame on the companies that hire him.

In case you haven’t heard, Piers Morgan is on CNN. You probably don’t know that since NO ONE watches CNN.

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