MST3K 20th anniversary

So did anyone else run out and get the Mystery Science Theater 20th anniversary DVD set? I just ordered mine…can’t wait for it to come.

Anyone else spending any of the disposable income they might have on MST3K DVDs like I am?

WHAT! I can’t be the only MSTie around…maybe I’m just the only one who spends all the extra cash they have on the DVDs. Oh well, y’all don’t know what your missing.

20 years already! Crazy. DH got me a couple of DVD sets for Christmas. I love MST3K. Tom Servo is my favorite.:thumbsup:

Yeah, I’m the same age as MST3k! Love Servo, especially when he sings, but Crow just cracks me up.

The new set has Werewolf on it…one of the best, highly recommended.

Oh wow, I had no idea this was coming out. Thanks for the heads up.

We came up with the costume idea too late to use it this year, but next Halloween I think we’ll dress DH up as The Master from Manos: The Hands of Fate.

:smiley: I told my little brother to go as Torgo (the servant from Manos) but he wouldn’t do it.

In case some did not already know, MST3K lives on as Cinematic Titanic:

They just do DVDs for release, which is a pretty big request of me in my case. (I’d just assume it get some airing.)

There is also RiffTrax which is Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow 2.0) doing MST3k DVD commentary style on some of the newer movies.

I didn’t know Joel had started his own as well.

Oh my goodness, I LOVE MST3K!!!

I will be buying those DVDs for sure!!!

Thanks for the heads up on that!!! :smiley:

Anyone but me remember when it was MST2K? Or is my memory being weird again?


Hmmm…the working title was Mystery Science Theater 2000 but they changed it to 3000 because it sounded more futuristic.

Which do you like, Joel, or that other guy? I like the original guy. He’s yet another Canadian comedian.

My kids love that show on DVD. We have the Santa Claus one.

I liked 'em both, so it’s not like a Kirk-Picard thing with me. I seem to recall one of the cast writing a book on the moviegoing experience and lamenting the rise of multiplexes. He was plugging it on NPR, and came off as kind of a gasbag.

I prefer Mike (the other guy), I do like Joel, but I think Mike was funnier. :shrug:

Oh man, this show is great.

Alas, my budget won’t allow for it right now, so I’ll just have to enjoy it vicariously through you guys. :thumbsup:

Hey you can still watch some on YouTube. There are lots of episodes and clips uploaded there.

And completely random…my priest just borrowed a bunch of my MST3k DVDs, turns out he’s a huge fan too.:thumbsup:

True :slight_smile: And our public library has several of the older collections available for loans … perhaps they’ll be purchasing this new set, too. :thumbsup:

Now that is just plain cool! :smiley:

No, Original Poster, you are not the only MST3K fan here. I am right now trying to burn a cd of RiffTrax’s “The Fifth Element,” so that my parents and I can watch it tomorrow (along with the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). X-Men 2 p0wnd.

Oh this would be great for DH for Christmas!

And for his Dad for his birthday on the 27th.

Speaking of Canadian Comedians – Kids in the Hall anyone? :smiley:

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