Mt. 19:16 Greek

Why is τί translated "What should I do…? When τί means “who?”

I had to look it up (I’m a Latin student, not a Greek student).

According to the excellent lexicon at Perseus, ‘τί’ is a literal equivalent to the Latin ‘quis, quae, quod,’ which means “who, what, which,” and is translated as any one of those based upon context.

Hope this helped.

I too had to look it up - Stongs likewise has it translated variously as who, which or what.

The Strongs reference even give the number of times it is variously tranlated in both the KJV and the NAS as follows:

KJV (537) - misc, 67; what, 260; which, 17; who, 102; whom, 25; why, 66;

NAS (225) - anything, 1; how, 2; person, 1; something, 3; suppose one, 2; what, 5; what each, 1; which, 24; which one, 3; who, 128; whom, 16; whose, 6; why, 33;


thanks folks

τί = ‘what’
ποιήσω = shall/should I do

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