Who is this man,what special thing did he do,is he a saint,when do we honour him on his feast day or do we ever honour him - any comments - twinc

The Greek Church celebrates the feast of Joseph of Arimathea on 31 July, and the Roman Church on 17 March according to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia. . .of course, it’s always kind of helpful to look up things like this in the encyclopedia or in other areas of this site before bringing things into the forums, IMO. . .

I thank you for unwarranted conclusions.for what I ask and why I ask what I ask cannot be found in encyclopaedias - do you or anyone else know where and when or whenever the Roman Church in the UK or USA etc celebtates or celebrated the feast of this unmentioned and forgotten saint - see if you can find this in any Catholic Encyclopaedia - twinc

Catholic Online’s SAINT OF THE DAY. (Google it.)

St. Joseph of Arimathea**Feastday:**

March 17

1st century

The councillor (Lk  23:50)  who, after the Crucifixion, requested the body of [Christ]("") from [Pontius Pilate]("") and provided for a proper burial for Christ. An immensely popular figure in [Christian]("") lore, [Joseph]("") was termed in the [New Testament]("") the “virtuous and righteous man” (Lk 23:50) and the [man]("") “who was himself awaiting the kingdom of God” (Mk 15:43). Described as .... . secretly a [disciple]("") of [Jesus]("") for fear of the Jews, [he] asked Pilate if he could remove the body of Jesus. And Pilate permitted it” (In 19:38). According to the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus, he helped establish the community of Lydda. He also was a prominent figure in the legends surrounding the Holy Grail, appearing in Rob*ert de Barron’s early thirteenth-century romance [Joseph]("") d ‘Arirnathea, William of Malmesbury’s twelfth-century De Antiquitate Glastoniensis Ecclesiae, and Thomas Mallory’s famed Morte D ‘Arthur; William of almesbury’s tale recounts Joseph’s arrival in England with the Holy Grail and the building of the first church on the isle at Glastonbury; the passage on Joseph, however, was added in the thirteenth century. 

More than one saint can be assigned to a day. St. Patrick might ‘overshadow’ since his feast is on the same day but that doesn’t mean St. Joseph of Arimathea was forgotten. Obviously his feast has been celebrated for quite some time.

Perhaps you should reconsider your ‘unwarranted assumptions’ my friend?

yes - but why should St. Patrick overshadow St.Joseph here and around the world.It is and would of course be understandable in Ireland.Here in England St.Joseph has many connections and lies buried in Somerset.His by right is the red cross flag of England and by the same right he should be England’s patron saint - btw just consider this saint who sacrificed everything so that Christianity could be born and not many saints can say " that which we have heard,which we have seen with our eyes,which we have looked upon and our hands have handled" - twinc

He is NOT buried in England. How many threads are you going to open on this subject??

he most certainly is buried in England. Being a saint tell us then where he is buried - every year about this time I will try and update until this forgotten saint is properly remembered and not in any way glossed over and overshadowed - twinc

St Joseph who?

St Joseph, the husband of Mary, Theotokos?
No. He is not buried in England, no matter what the pious legends say.

the pious legends do not say the husband of Mary is buried in England - it seems that as far as most Catholics are concerned there only ever was one St. Joseph of any importance - but St.Joseph the uncle of Mary and latter day guardian and protector of Mary and Jesus is buried in England as is also St.Patrick and St.David and many another saint and ancient saintly kings etc - btw in my eyes and esteem the latter day St.Joseph is of equal if not greater import than the husband of Mary - twinc

That is a new one on me… I have no idea who you are talking about.

what is your proof?
Scriptural references?
Council documents?
papal teaching?

Without proof, I maintain this is hokum.

type into your search box “St.Joseph of Arimathea” and click and get all the information you are asking for - btw there is a small recommended paper back issued and sold in the Glastonbury Abbey shop that makes mention of St.Joseph. It is a small paperback by E.Raymond Capt[Archaelogical Institute of America]- ISBN 0-934666-10-5 - Published by Artisan Publishers of Muskogee.Oklahoma - - “did those feet in ancient times walk on England"s mountains green” - twinc

12th and 13th self serving Arthur-like legends are not a reliable source.

St. John (the most likely “beloved disciple”) was Mary’s latter day protector.

Why do you accept this legend which is false - there was a big gap between the demise of Joseph the husband of Mary and the John incident.Anyway John was an Apostle and not the beloved disciple - btw even if what made him beloved and taking Mary to his home would have been a scandal of the first magnitude,He took Mary to his own group of which the secret disciple[Joseph,as uncle to Mary] was the head,guardian and protector,with influence in high places - the followers of Jesus were being hounded by Paul and the Jewish secret police and Mary and Joseph and the Bethany group were sent to their certain doom as contrived for none dare take Joseph’s life openly.Joseph and especially Mary found refuge and sanctuary where Roman armies had not and could not reach nor the long arm of the Jewish police - please research,this grand saga, as suggested and rejoice in the magnificient role of the early British Church and Christianity - btw research the beloved disciple on the internet - twinc

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