MTF Sunday Missal


Happy Palm Sunday, everyone!

I’m a seminarian who’s looking to be ordained to the Transitional Diaconate next year (God-willing). Through the generosity of a parishoner, I’m going to buy an altar missal from Midwest Theological Forum. I was wondering, however, what the major difference was between the Regal and Classic editions? I’m assuming it has something to do with the genuine leather?

Here’s a link to missals if you’re curious. I’d appreciate any feedback you’d all have to offer.

Please keep me in your prayers,

–Ryan :thumbsup:


May God bless you in your efforts to be a Deacon. I think that is great tehy are needed
for sure. I know nothing about missals . however I still have my little missal from years
ago when I was in grade school. I got it about 1950 and have not affored one since.
God bless.:wink:


Try this post:

Follow along his links and read comments- they went on for a few weeks about the various missals, I believe.

Not my blog, obviously :)


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