Muasturbation question

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I suffer a lot form the sin of masurtbation and I normal i go to confession to confeess it as soon as possible.
I am writing this post beacuse I cannon go to the confession times at my parish. I want to go to mass and get commion but this I tcant for two old weeks. I know that to eat the eucharist in my state is descration and I really dont want that.
My mom says that I can get the eucharist but I dont think I can. I am also distrustful of her on these matters beacuse she is probly what you call a non practing catholic. I am 16 and really worried about it. Is there anyway I can fix this problem

You can ask a priest before or after Mass to hear your confession, or you can make an appointment sometime during the week when you can go. If you can’t drive or use public transportation practically, this unfortunately may not be an option for you. Whatever your situation may be, you should not receive communion when you are in a state of mortal sin. If it really is a major habit (as in you do it pretty much uncontrollably- often many times a day), talk about this with your priest- and explain your difficulty in getting to confession. He MIGHT tell you to go to communion anyway and to simply go to confession as often as you can. Be careful about this though- some priests don’t think this is a mortal sin at all, and can give bad advice.

Hope this helps!

By the way, you misspelled “Jesus” in your signature line.

What m134e5 said.

By the way, it would be sacrilege, not desecration.

First of all, it is wonderful that you are so faithful and have the courage to not receive communion before going to confession. That is something many people including myself struggle with since nowadays it appears as though everyone goes to communion and people look at you weird if you don’t and probably are pondering what is you did. Well that is my fear.

However, for this sin especially, depending on your situation and what the priest says, I have heard that while the matter is still grave, it does not always warrant the necessity for abstaining from communion as long as one desires to continue to work on refraining from the sin and goes to Confession at a later time.

Even so, do what you think it is best for you and I reiterate that it is a wonderful thing to have the courage not to receive.


I would really talk to a good priest about this. Having been there myself, stop now. I am so glad you are reaching out, always keep God at the center of your life and it sounds like that’s what you are trying to do. We need more young men like you.

I would say as fatherly advice, take short cool showers, stay where there are people, pray the Chaplet of St. Micheal. If you need a copy of this let me know. If you need to talk, feel free to contact me through my profile.

My dear brother, there are ways to stay pure. You owe it to yourself, God and your future wife or your future parishioners.

Thanks for all the post everyone

I was able to go to the priest after mass and get a confession. So thanks for the advise and excuss me for all misusing and spelling errors

This must be the toughest problem encountered today in this culture.
To refrain from this is against everything those in the “world” proport, “if it feels good, do it”, “God doesn’t want you to suffer”, or “everybody does it”. Pernicious ideology from the wicked hoi polloi.

Suffering for the love of God. To know that one does not explode if not “relieved” leads you to the heart of the problem, acceptance or rejection of the suffering involved and to the love one has for God. The more you love God the more you will accept the suffering involved in the act of carrying of your cross. It is tough but the rewards are great, eternal life later and grace with consolation with every battle won.

Contrition more important than confession? Confession without contrition? Tough subjects. Contrition is first and foremost. Without contrition, even with explicit confession, sin isn’t forgiven. Contrition alone will grant forgiveness from God? Not as presumption, so one must do much to avoid the sin and not fall back on the sacrament of confession as an allowance of inherently disordered actions. Pray, accept and suffer the cross for God, and if you fall short, sorrow and the acceptance of forgiveness is here in Jesus’ mystical Body.


I was always told, heard and read that one can have imperfect contrition when approaching the sacrament. It is very hard, I am told, to have perfect contrition. Contrition should be there regardless of nature or even degree.

Forget about the spelling. You get an “A” for being a great Catholic. Keep up the good work. More young people should follow your example…God Bless…teachccd :slight_smile:

The Scripture refers to this as “burning”, meaning burning with passion. (As in, “it is better to marry than to burn”.) The root cause of this sin is the thoughts of the mind. If the thought can be cut-off then there will be no sin. When the thoughts that lead to this burning comes to your mind you must cut them off! You must not agree with your thoughts. Other things that are helpful are secret bodily prayer (that is, with prostrations), stillness and obedience (you will need a spiritual adviser for these), and the solitary life. The mother of lust is gluttony, do war with gluttony (through fasting) and you also will be fighting her first child which is lust. At the very beginning of your struggle your body will not want to be deprived of the level of passion that is accustomed to. So in the beginning allow yourself the passions of pride and vainglory (intellectual thoughts) to satisfy the level that your body demands so that you’ll be better able to prevail in your war against gluttony and lust (appetitive thoughts). In other words, be proud of yourself when you triumph over your appetite thoughts.

thanks everyone for the adivse :thumbsup:

Yes. Go to confession though you masturbate. Masturbation isn’t a sin that can deny you communion. Deny yourself communion only if you say NO to God with all your will and all your knowledge. Try to abstain from it if possible, but don’t feel miserable if you can’t. It will do only harm to your relationship with God. I don’t encourage you to lust, but Jesus doesn’t deny you his love. Don’t deny it to yourself.
This is not only my point of view, but the point of view of my priest who now teaches Dogmatic and Morality at the Faculty.

In the case of mortal sin, which masturbation is, the sinner does deny God with His will and knowledge.

It is far more dangerous and spiritually detrimental to receive Holy Communion while improperly disposed and contrary to the teaching of the Church to do so.

While some confessors (very few, I would imagine) may, in light of the Chuch’s teaching on this matter, encourage those who suffer from habitual sins like addiction to masturbation or pornography which, by their nature, may not involve full consent of the will (and so may have lessened culpability as mortal sins) to receive Holy Communion, you are not the OP’s confessor and so he should not do so without consulting him first and having received proper spiritual counsel, making a prudent determination through prayer.


trokll, When I reached puberty back in 1959 I had to confess masturbation from that point until I left home at age 19 when I went into the military. I would go to confession weekly and would feel the shame and embarrassment of confessing. One time my priest brought me to a new level of awareness when he asked me if I committed this act alone or with others. I then experienced the humiliation that I had never been with a girl before while my friends were bragging about their experiences. So I told him that I did this one time with another person that week which was a lie. I then added one more sin of lying to my confession.
God knows what is in our heart and He knows how we struggle with the powerful emotions of our sexual drive. The way to God is through humility and confessing masturbation is a perfect way to learn humility. Humility separates us from the fear of others discovering our hidden secrets which have been linked to fear and shame and keep us believing that we are not worthy of God’s Love. We are worthy of God’s Love because He made us.
Lighten up and confess or call the priest and talk with him. He is there to serve you and you do not need his approval. He needs your trust that he is a good priest and worthy of hearing your confession.
God Bless You.

Regardless of what certain professors of moral theology might say :ehh: , I believe the official teaching of the Church is as follows:

Masturbation is – objectively speaking – a grave matter. So it fulfills one major requirement of calling the sin mortal.

Another requirement is that the person has full knowledge of this sinfulness. That’s also pretty easy to assess, usually.

The third requirement is that the person gives adequate consent to the action. This is the hard one – only you (and your confessor) can make this call, and if all three conditions are met, then it is indeed mortal.

If a young man is entrapped in such a habit, which can be addictive, there MAY be enough wiggle room on the third condition to say that it is not mortal, and he can receive communion without confession. (Of course, he should still go to confession for the grace and strength needed to battle the habit.)

OKay thanks for that information and yes when I know I am at fault I always go to confession before recieng euchrist. Even If i have to deny myself of it.

I ask about this tme beacuse I did it In maybe a dream or in half awake half asleep thing cause I barley rember it. I was not in the middlem of the day it was like at night when I though I was sleeping. I say I cant rember it very well is beacuse it was a dream or something.;

yes, it’s called a wet dream and it is a physiological reaction of the human body. In order to have committed sin, you have to have full will and knowledge of what you were doing. You don’t need to confess that.

I may have a divergence of opinion with the rest of the forum members mainly because I am European and you are American. As I see it, Catholicism here is different from what you have there in the US. Here, we don’t go to confession only for serious sins. You tend to be more conservative. I should stop giving advice therefore.
Just remember that your conscience is the last barrier, no matter what the tradition. God bless.

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