Muhammad’s Intercession

I have been given the right of intercession (on the Day of Resurrection.) - Bukhari, Vol. 1, #429.5

I thought Muslims reject any kind of intercessions. For example us Catholics call for Mary’s intercession. Why is Muhammad permitted to intercede but Mary not?

There are two schools of thought in Islam- no
intercessors before Allah and possibly intercession in
the form of the only acceptable prophet- Muhammad. However
predominately Islam falls on the side if no intercessors
at all frequently citing several incidents in which Muhammad’s
intercession was unwelcome to Allah.

Why not Mary? Because Islam is seriously divided on
even the efficacy of Muhammad’s prayers.

Some Muslims do accept the concept of intercession, for example within Salafism martyrs who die in battle are blessed with the ability to intercede on behalf of others from paradise.

There is a set number of times they believe this can be done however, and I can’t remember the exact number,

To deny Muhammad’s intercession is to deny this hadith is authentic. Sahih Bukhari is one of the most trusted hadiths.

Are Muslims playing the “choose and pick what suits us” game?

Shias accept intercession.

Not for us Shias.

That being the case. I have two questions for you:

Do you pray for Muhammad’s intercession?

Do you accept Mary’s intercession?

Perhaps someone could comment on this.
As I understand it Allah is not like our perception of God.
For us God Loves us so much he suffered torment and death just so we could be forgiven of our sins. However Allah would never and could never stoop so low as to take on a human body it would be unthinkable that he would consider it let alone do it.
While you often hear Muslims saying Allah the merciful, the benevolent and if it is the will of Allah, it is entirely up to Allah “He will do what ever he wills” and “Nothing can change the mind of Allah”.
So there really isn’t an intercession is there, if Allah doesn’t like you, you are screwed.

Of course in the church of Nice God Loves EVERYONE, and EVERYONE get to go to heaven.

The Trinity doesn’t need intercession either. Our God is not a jealous God. Out of his generosity he chose to share his divine work of salvation with the saints because he loves us and wants us to be involved in everything he does (that is within our capacity).

Take procreation for example. God is the absolute creator of human life but we share his work by procreating.


That saying is recorded in many different narrations. If you read more of them [and I don’t know if you have], you’ll see that Muhammad [peace be upon him] was referring to the intercession he’ll perform on Judgment Day for his followers. It isn’t Judgment Day yet, so he hasn’t interceded yet. He would take prayer requests all the time while he was alive, but he’s no longer alive in the earthly sense.

God is the only one who is As-Sami, the All Hearing. Muhammad is not All-Hearing, thus, he cannot hear prayers (nor can anyone else).

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