Muhammad timeline.


AD 570, Birth
Muhammad was born in Mecca. (Islamic history says the specific day was Monday, 12th day of the first month {Rabir}. Christian calendar: August 2nd. Father died before or soon after his birth.

AD 576, age 6
Muhammad’s mother died; his paternal grandfather assumed his care.

Later in his life:

[quote]Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah visited the grave of his mother and he wept, and moved others around him to tears, and said: I sought permission from my Lord to beg forgiveness for her but it was not granted to me, and I sought permission to visit her grave and it was granted to mel So visit the graves, for that makes you mindful of death. (Book #004, Hadith #2130)


AD 578, age 8
Muhammad’s uncle Abu Talib took him to Syria where Bahira, a Nestorian Christian monk, prophesied over Muhammad.

AD 595, Age 25
Married first wife Kadija, in a ceremony conducted by her cousin Waraqa, an Ebionite Christian priest.

AD 610, age 40
Reported first revelation from a spirit.

AD 613, age 43
Started to preach openly in Mecca about his revelations.

AD 615, age 45
Muhammad sent elevn Muslims to Abysinnia (Ethopia) to give them refuge from the persecution they were experiencing in Mecca. This is known as the first hijra (pilgrimage).

Leaders of the Quraysh tribe boycotted the Muslims and Muhammad’s clan refusing to intermarry or sell them food. They lifted the boycott 2 or 3 years later.

AD 620, Age 50
Reported the Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem. During the same year both his first wife Kadija and his uncle and protector Abu Talib died.

The Prophet said: Among the inhabitants of the Fire Abu Talib would have the least suffering, and he would be wearing two shoes (of Fire) which would boil his brain. (Book #001, Hadith #0413)

AD 623, (AH 1) age 53
Established a contract for the two strongest tribes in Medina to become his protectors.

Emigrated from Mecca to Medina- the second hijra. This marks the first year of the Islamic calendar. AH means “after hijra”.

Married his second wife, Aisha. (In the next 10 years he will marry 11 more wives. Muhammad married Aisha before the Hijra, however Muslim scholars differ on whether Muhammad married Sawda or Aisha first. Muhammad married Sawda one month after the death of his first wife Khadija upon suggestion of one of his companions. Regardless, Muhammad did not consummate his marriage with Aisha until she reached the age of nine, and lived with Sawda during that time.)

Received a revelation calling for jihad against non-believers for the first time.

Ordered his uncle Hamza to go out with 30 Muslim soldiers to ambush a Quraysh caravan. It was the first time he ordered an attack.

Sent one cousin to attack idol worshipers from Mecca.

Sent a cousin (Saad ibn Abu Waqqas) to attack idol worshipers in Al-Karrar.

AD 624, (AH 2) age 54
This was the year of great jihad.

Many Jewish people in Medina claimed to convert to Islam.

Attack on Al-Abuwaa.

Battle of Badr. Muhammad personally led the Muslims in an attack against Mecca’s army in the Valley of Badr. The Muslims won a surprising victory.

Attack on Beni Salib- idol worshipers.

Attack on al-Sawiq- idol worshipers.

Gave his daughter Fatima, in marriage to his cousin Ali ibn abi Talib.

Sent out 7 other raids (suriya) this year. (These are small raids of 30 to 100 soldiers)

AD 625, (AH 3), age 55
Battle of Uhud. The Muslims suffered a defeat to the Meccans. Muhammad’s uncle Hamza was killed.

Assassinated a Jewish leader named Kaab Ibn al-Ashraf, for speaking out against him. This shocked both Jews in Medina and idol worshipers in Mecca. It was the first time Muhammad used assassination.

Sent out 3 other suriya raids this year.

AD 626, (AH 4), age 56
Attack on Beni-Nadir- Jewish tribe.

Sent out 2 other suriya raids this year

AD 627, (AH 5), age 57
Raid on Dumatu’l-Jandel.

Battle of the Trench. People of Mecca and some Jews from Medina tried to attack the Muslims at Medina. The Muslims dug trenches around the city and the Meccans chose to go back without much of a fight.

Attack on the Jewish tribe of Beni-Qurayzah, in which Muhammad killed all men and took the women and children as captives. This was the punishment for their alleged involvement in the Battle of the Trench.

Assassinated another Jewish leader, Abi-Rafa.

Attack on Beni-Lihyan- Arab tribe.

Attack on Zi-kerd

Attack on Beni al-Mustaliq- Jewish tribe. Aisha was accused of having an affair during the raid.

AD 628, (AH 6), age 58
Muhammad did not lead any battle this year, but he did send out a few suriya raids.


AD 629, (AH 7), age 59
Sent out 5 other suriya raids this year.

Attack on Khaybar- Jewish village.

AD 630, (AH 8), age 60
Raid on Mu’ta.

Raid on Zat-al-Salasil.

Invasion and conquest of Mecca.

Battle of Hunan.

Battle of Utas.

Raid on Ta-if.

AD 631, (AH 9), age 61
This is called the year of submission. People from all over the area who hadn’t been attacked yet sent messengers to Muhammad saying: ‘We submit to you.” Islamic history names 48 different groups who sent message to Muhammad. Muhammad stated sending letters to leaders and kings of the cities and countries around him to ask them to convert to Islam.

Raid on Ta-buk.

AD 632, (AH 9) age 62
Sent governors (amirs) to rule over these areas where people and tribes agreed to accept his prophethood.

AD 633, (AH 10) age 63
Established the practice of hajj.

Preached final sermon, known as the Sermon on Mount Arafat.

AD 634, (AH 11) age 64

Became ill with fever and died.


**Upto the age 53 **as mentioned in the post, Muhammad lived in Mecca.
GodAllahYHWH appointed Muhammad SAW KhatamunNabiyyeen, his ProphetMessenger.Muhammad lived upto the age of 53 years in Mecca .
I would request my friends here:

  1. Please mention name of just one person whom Muhammad converted to the fold of Islam by sword upto the age of 53 years. Please present evidence from Quran.
  2. Please mention name of one person whom Muhammad killed upto the age of 53 years for not accepting Islam. Please present evidence from Quran.
  3. Please mention name of one person who wanted to go back from Islam to his previous faith or another faith and Muhammad denied him his right and whom Muhammad killed for apostacy upto the age of 53 years. Please present evidence from Quran
    There is not a single case in all these categories.


Please telll me the significance of his not killing, or forcefully converting people before he was 53, and the justification for doing so after?


We have to look at everything Muhammad did, not just what he did until he was 53. After 53 he turned into a war lord to brought death and distruction to thousands of innocent people.


you are so funny ,you seek islamic information from nonislamic source ,what if someone told you that there is a book other than barnaba gospel saying christ is a prophet ?will you accept it?
catholic encyclopadia isnt authorized source and it full of lies about islam
and here is a proof
we are called muslims and our religion is islam and every man know simple thing about islam know that but let us see what encyclopadia say

Mohammed and Mohammedanism


Oh, dear, another rant from an incoherent Muslim! :yawn:


Now now, Catholics and Christians get plenty hot under the collar when outsiders have misunderstandings about their faith. If it helps, all of you seem pretty incoherent at times to me. :o

But I am always happy to see people actually talking and not just flinging words at each other, no matter where they are from or what language they speak. Pace and salaam!


Catholics AND Christians? Are you saying that Catholics are not Christians?



Hardly! I just meant Catholics on this forum in particular and Christians in general. I did attend a Catholic school, though I have never had a religion, and know its teachings well. I had no intention of separating them. I have a hard time separating faiths at all, really, though I have certainly heard how religions and flavors of religion separate themselves (and occasionally, try to forgo those differences of doctrine).


Why lies? Muhammad’s character was unstable and even your hadiths, which were written by his own followers, contain horrific accounts about him. I think the article in Newadvent is pretty lenient in the circumstances.


Are you more sympathetic to Islam then?



I don’t sympathize with either Christianity or Islam particularly. But I know it’s tough being a curious outsider. And I’m trying to encourage dialogue and friendship among everyone here. Why? Eh, it’s a compulsion with me, I suppose. Overactive empathy gland or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


So the raids, battles, murders…didn’t happen?


battles happened but its justified can you prove its not in a new thread :slight_smile:


Why is a new thread needed? Can you answer:


bec its not the topic of this thread:)


Sure it is. I know the person who started this thread. :wink: He won’t mind.

Do you object to the events in the timeline…I should have made it a public poll. ?

Regardless, The battles are only one part of his history.

Was everything he did justified? Do you think he is a noble person?


if you can proof that this battles wasnt justified and he is not a noble person bring it to me :wink:


Well, how about this one? Justified? Noble?
AD 625, (AH 3), age 55
Assassinated a Jewish leader named Kaab Ibn al-Ashraf, for speaking out against him. This shocked both Jews in Medina and idol worshipers in Mecca. It was the first time Muhammad used assassination.

I don’t think so. Why do you?

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