Someone tell me, who is Muhammad(saw)? Give me authentic responses or un educated responses.


Some man that Muslims consider a prophet.
I would think that you as a Muslim would know the awnser to that question.


I think we as Catholics should consider saying the Chaplet of Divine mercy for Muhammad. He has reduced God to a prophet and decieved billions. Every country that exercises his laws seems to lag behind the rest of the world in antiquety and brutality. I don’t wish to sound too harsh on him, I actually feel sorry for the man and I hope his soul can be forgiven by God.



He was a false prophet and deceiver as well as being a brutal terrorist. He founded a false and violent religion.


We all know that the Holy Bible says that the great deceiver can appear as an angel of light. It is believed by muslims that Muhammed was given the prophetic words by the angel Gabriel, correct? I wonder who it really was? :eek:


He is a man who encountered a spirit in a cave when he was praying his pagan prayers. He ran from the cave for fear of being possessed by this spirit. His first reaction was that the spirit was demonic, so he nearly jumped off a cliff to escape it. His wife convinced him that the spirit was the Angel Gabriel. So, he returned to the cave and memorized all of the messages this spirit gave him. Most of the men who had also memorized these messages were killed in battle before they were written down and Muhammed, who was illiterate, died of poisoning (by a Jewish slave woman whose husband had been beheaded by Muhammed). So, an imam and Muhammed’s wives put together the Quran after his death.


This is fascinating Eden. Where does this come from?


The information about Muhammed, the cave and the spirit is more fully explored here:

Karen Armstrong, a popular and highly sympathetic writer about Islam and Muhammad gives this account of the manner of Muhammad’s initial encounter with what Muslims believe was Gabriel (jibril) the “angel” in the cave of Hira:

Muhammad was torn from his sleep in his mountain cave and felt himself overwhelmed by a devastating divine presence. Later he explained this ineffable experience by saying that an angel had enveloped him in a terrifying embrace so that it felt as though the breath was being forced from his body. The angel gave him the curt command: ‘iqra!’ ‘Recite!’ Muhammad protested that he could not recite; he was not a kahin, one of the ecstatic prophets of Arabia. But, he said, the angel simply embraced him again until, just as he thought he had reached the end of his endurance, he found the divinely inspired words of a new scripture pouring forth from his mouth. 2

Armstrong mistakenly however, does not mention that it was not actually until the third time that the “angel” had strangled Muhammad, demanding that he recite, that he finally did so.

I read the first account, when he runs from the cave and fears being possessed unitl his wife convinces him it’s the Angel Gabriel on a Protestant website a few weeks ago. I’ll try to find it and post it here.


The poisoning of Muhammed by his Jewish slave woman is mentioned here:

Bukhari:V1B1N6 “Just issue orders to kill every Jew in the country.”

{Note the Hadith saying ‘kill’ and ‘every Jew’ i.e., kill all Infants, men, women and children.** It is no wonder that a Jewish slave of Muhammad, (whose husband was beheaded by him), poisoned his goat meat, and he died a wretched 2-½ year painfully slow death, on Aisha’s lap - his companions died earlier.** Muslim teachings, always mention Muhammad was sick in his last years. But always, never mention that he was sick because he was poisoned to death.}


I found the Protestant website that I referenced earlier:

"One day as he prayed in a cave, Muhammad became possessed or filled with a spirit of prophecy, a demon, or an angel of God - he wasn’t sure which. Whatever it was ordered him to recite the words supernaturally impressed upon his mind. Being illiterate, he could not write them down, so he memorized them.

Distraught, he fled the cave of prayer with thoughts of jumping off a cliff to keep from being possessed by an unknown spirit. He had always despised the Arabic soothsayers who claimed divine visions. Now it had happened to him. He would rather be dead. Yet as he fled, he was encountered by a divine being who called him the “Apostle of God.” He was not convinced even by this encounter, but soon his wife and others persuaded him.

More trips to the cave followed, and more revelations came. In his town of Mecca, Muhammad began to preach his doctrines. He insisted that there was only one God. The 360 deities worshiped in Mecca were false - or 359 of them were. One Abrahamic cult that had spread throughout the area worshiped a god called Allah. Muhammad believed that their belief in this god was superior to all others. He began to preach and teach that Allah was the one true God."


Wow! Absolutely fascinating. The Church Fathers have always taught that the presence of the divine is always accompanied by complete peace, serenity, and well-being. This is a dead give away that Muhammed’s “angel” was not of a divine source.


Yes, and I always understood that angels make a greeting of peace, identifying themselves. Do you know anything more about that?


True. That is very Scriptural. There is also these tidbits from the EFC’s:

Even if an angel should indeed appear to you, do not receive him but humiliate yourself, saying, ‘I am not worthy to see an angel, for I am a sinner.’ **
Clement of **Rome

**Someone asked an old man, “How is it that some say, ‘We see visions of angels’?” And he replied, “Blessed is he who always sees his sins.” **
The Desert Fathers

**The devil also transfigures himself into an angel of light; not that he may reascend to where he was, for having made his heart hard as an anvil, he has henceforth a will that cannot repent; but in order that he may envelope those who are living an Angelic life in a mist of blindness, and a pestilent condition of unbelief. **
**Catechetical Lectures Of Our Holy Father, Cyril, Archbishop Of **Jerusalem

**God is a fire that warms and kindles the heart and inward parts. Hence, if we feel in our hearts the cold which comes from the devil - for the devil is cold - let us call on the Lord. He will come to warm our hearts with perfect love, not only for Him but also for our neighbor, and the cold of him who hates the good will flee before the heat of His countenance. **
St. Seraphim of Sarov

In the presence of an invisible spirit, the body becomes afraid; but in the presence of an angel, the soul of the humble is filled with joy. Therefore, when we recognize the presence from the effect, let us quickly hasten to prayer, for our good guardian has come to pray with us.
St. John Climacus


Oh, man. This is one place we wouldn’t be butchered for saying all of that.


Another strong example that the message of the spirit was not holy. What mind would think to butcher a person because he says a real angel does not bring fear?


A bedouin who claims he had visions of anArchangel who helped him right the Koran. A bedouin who believed in conquering by the sword post-Medinan. A bedouin who chose parts or elements of Jewish, Christian and pagan religions to form his beliefs. A bedouin who is a shill and a fraud.


Muhammed and Islam leave me skeptical. I recall:

Chapter 1

I am amazed that you are so quickly forsaking the one who called you by (the) grace (of Christ) for a different gospel
(not that there is another). But there are some who are disturbing you and wish to pervert the gospel of Christ.
But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach (to you) a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed! 7
As we have said before, and now I say again, if anyone preaches to you a gospel other than the one that you received, let that one be accursed!


I find it really REALLY interesting that a woman recorded the so called religion, but this religion abuses, mistreats and subjectifies women…hmm…thanks for posting that Eden, I had never heard that before. in answer to the original question…Mohammed was just another David Koresh like guy who assumed himself to be a prophet of God. the end. (all though I like Thistles response too :thumbsup: )


Did I read right - Mohammed’s so-called angel of God had to strangle him to make him begin to recite the Qur’an? :bigyikes:

Some religion of peace when it is imbued with this sort of violence from the very founding of it. No way nohow can I begin to believe that an angel of God would strangle His prophet :whacky:


ok maybe its the fact that I am about to fall asleep sitting here (been a long day) but I have a very Homer and Bart Simpson vison going on here…you know Homer choking Bart… “SAY IT! SAY IT! WHY YOU LITTLE! AHHH! DOH!” ok I so need to go home now…:o :stuck_out_tongue:

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