Mullahs promote contraception in Afghanistan

Simply don’t know what to say, in a country beset by war, to come up with a systematic way to end more lives
your tax dollars at work
or, alternatively
why we fight

“In a couple of districts, mullahs were taking our condom stocks and selling them during (night) prayers because the clinics were not open after 4 o’clock,” Javid said

Doesn’t selling things on fridays after sundown violate the Islamic Sabbath?

Stopping the conception of children does not make the healthcare system better in Afghanistan. Women are still going to die in child birth, and also have less children. Why are people so crazy about quick “fixes”?

there is no Sabbath in Islam. Friday is designated as a day of assembly. There is the assembly for prayer and then people return to what they are doing. Friday is a non-work day in many Arab countries, though, as the weekend falls on Thursday and Friday.

Moreover, technically speaking, after sundown on Friday would be Saturday, since the new day starts at sundown. I believe this is true, for religious purposes, with Catholics as well?

Finally, there is nothing in Islam against contraception, and we have already seen state sponsored family planning programs in Iran, for instance. Of course, everyone would ALSO love to see better health care available.

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