Multimillionaire Homosexual-Rights Activist Funds Catholics United


DENVER — The Catholics United Education Fund, a Democrat-leaning advocacy group, which began criticizing Church opposition to same-sex “marriage” in 2012, received most of its operational budget that year from a homosexual-activist foundation run by influential multimillionaire Tim Gill.

“I would say it is very obvious that Mr. Gill does not agree with the Catholic Church and her teachings on the issues of homosexuality and marriage,” Jennifer Kraska, executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference, told CNA May 29.

“His attitude toward the Church on these issues is definitely one of extreme disagreement.”

We are being manipulated by traitors in our midst. No surprise, but they’re getting bolder and bolder. :frowning: And “money talks” as we all know.


I’m not intending of being more catholic then the Pope, but it is an offense to Catholics around the world. They always pick on us for being too strict, medieval, bigots, but if they do it, it’s ok. The Catholic title should be removed from all those who profess in public anti-Catholic, pro-death belief. let them profess it, but it hurts the Body of Christ, us believers, that one we would call brother, is a traitor.

If your brother does something wrong, go and have it out with him alone, between your two selves. If he listens to you, you have won back your brother. If he does not listen, take one or two others along with you: whatever the misdemeanor, the evidence of two or three witnesses is required to sustain the charge. But if he refuses to listen to these, report it to the community; and if he refuses to listen to the community, treat him like a gentile or a tax collector. (Matt 18,15)


In our midst? Not really. Catholics United has never been an organization in line with the Church, the name not withstanding. They are “in our midst” only in the same way that “Catholics for Choice” is. Just another group of agitators trying to sew seeds of division. :frowning:


I don’t know anything about this group or their agenda but criticizing the Church’s opposition to same sex marriage is not the same as disagreeing with the Church’s teaching. I agree with the teachings of the church with regards to marriage but I strongly disagree with the opposition of the Church with regards to same sex marriage. I read recently that the Church spent about 2 million dollars opposing same sex marriage. I think that was a waste of time and money. Also, opposing something that other faiths have no problem with can be seen as opposing religious freedom.


What makes you certain that ‘other faiths’ have no problem with this?


That 2 million could have fed many hungry people around the world or provided a Catholic Education for those where no free schools are located. The amount of money spent in California by the LDS and Catholic Church in getting Prop 8 passed was obscene.:shrug:


Who do you think spends more on helping the poor and needy. The Catholic Church or homosexual marriage advocates?


Unitarian’s have no problem with same sex marriages. Judging from the numerous rainbow flags I see hanging from Christian Churches in the Boston area, my assumption is that at least some have no problem with it.

Here is a list on wiki regarding Christian churches:



Is that a fair comparison? The CC has 1.2 billion members worldwide, one would expect they would have a large budget to help people in need. The 2 million dollars referred to was spent in only four states with the Roman CC being the top donor in what many believe is anti LGBT civil rights. Many Catholics, myself included, believe the $2,000,000 could have been put to much better use for those in need in those states.





In the end, it’s not really marriage. If someone supports it, then I would probably question their sanity, but that’s about it.


Makes perfect sense, Catholics United is even more pro-abortion than the USCCB’s CCHD:


Well according to your thinking then we should agree with the ‘other faiths’ and just go along with secular society. That’s not the way the Catholic Church does. She stands for what Christ taught and the Holy Spirit protects. Like it or not, that’s the Catholic Church. Jesus said, either your with ME or your against ME. Can’t have it both ways. God Bless, Memaw


So, in other words, Catholics United is just as Catholic as the Unitarians. :smiley:


Before I get in over my head I should clarify…my only point in this thread is that I think it is okay to question the Church’s opposition to same sex marriage and that questioning the Church in this regard is not the same as questioning the teachings of the Church.

For example if a nail needs to be hammered into a piece of wood and I think a feather duster would work better than a hammer. You can question the way I choose to hammer the nail without disputing the fact that the nail needs to be hammered. I personally think the Church’s response is over the top and ultimately will do more harm than good.


Opposing the Church on same-sex “marriage” IS questioning the teaching of the Church. Disagreeing with HOW the Church fights same-sex “marriage” is not.


Precisely. J_Peterson, your argument is invalid. Sorry.


As some would put it: This people need Jesus. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello JP.

I think that to question the Church in this matter is to oppose the Church. There is no way to support same sex unions/partnerships period. Those who call it marriage have no idea what a marriage is. If they did, they’d know two persons of the same sex cannot enter into it. It is impossible. What they promote is a mockery of everyone who tries to live up to the calling and vocation to marriage. It is a perversion of fundamental human dignity and it is an abomination in God’s sight. Most folks know this.

Your analogy to the hammer and wood stuff doesn’t apply to this issue.

A man with a lot of money to waste funds a quasi-catholic organization’s works against God’s Church. Who do you think is eventually going to win? The multimillionaire or God and His Church? We simply get to weather the storm. All his money isn’t going to turn one faithful Catholic away from the Church. People who aren’t even Christian know at a natural level that homosexual actions are horrible and unnatural. Most people naturally shy away from it and those who are that way openly. It doesn’t matter to most whether you hit the nail with your feather duster or your hammer.

The Church is answering the debate that those who are deviant started. We have to give answer. That is part of what we do as a Body. But it isn’t our sole purpose. Nor should we engage unnecessarily. One area that has directly effected Church ministry is this: in the beginning of all of this sickening support of deviant behaviors, in the states where homosexual unions were given the same legal rights as heterosexuals, the orphanages run by Catholic organizations closed their doors and sent the children to other states where there was no right to adopt children given to the deviants. We had to act to protect the children from being adopted into dangerous conditions. So, where does that leave the children in a particular state that gives the right to adopt children to practicing homosexuals? Even more vulnerable than ever before. They have even fewer rights now and can be handed over to deviants as legally adopted children to be raised in unsafe, unhealthy and unwholesome conditions. What hammer can you hit that nail with?

Do you really think it is questionable to oppose Church teaching then? Under what conditions would you think we should act or debate? What hammer is right for the nail? We cannot be silent in the face of such acts.


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