Multiple Choice

with multiple choice tests that are say 20 questions long and each question has 4 answeres with one being the right one? Because the other answers besides from the one that is correct ,would those be considered lies?

Another question does this mean we would have to get 100s all the time to avoid sinning?
I know this thread might sound scrupulous.


No, you are fine.

Please get help from your pastor. The number and types of questions you have been asking indicate you need some help in real life discerning these things.

There is no sin there. The test is designed to gauge your knowledge. There is nothing immoral about getting an answer wrong either.

Look up the definition of a lie.

Perhaps you misunderstood his question? It would certainly be scrupulous for him to think that he would have to get 100 on the test to avoid sinning.

I’m just curious. Why do you think that getting an answer wrong on a test might be a sin?


I have to agree wth 1ke’s observation. In all kindness, you really need to consider taking her advice.

You should study harder. :smiley:

Lies? The name of the test is multiple CHOICE, the other 3 answers are CHOICES, not lies.:cool:

Charitably meant, I’m inclined to agree.

that is scrupulous.

People who have issues of scrupulosity need to avoid asking questions on blogs; they need to pick a confessor and stick with him.

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