Multiple Explosions And House Fires Reported Across Three Massachusetts Towns


Massachusetts State Police have confirmed 39 house fires or explosions, possibly caused by gas leaks have erupted around the towns of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, on Thursday evening, warning that the “number will grow.”

Officials urged all residents in the area who are Columbia Gas customers to evacuate, “as should anyone else who smells gas.”

Real strange but it appears to all be gas leaks.


This is about an hour from me.

I have family and friends we’ve been checking in on to make sure everyone is okay.

It’s really, really bad. They shut down all the exits and are evacuating towns. This is right outside of Boston…so they are heavily populated.

Prayers for everyone.


Local news have reported upwards of 70 confirmed fires…I think the number could be higher.

It’s so bad…they don’t have enough help and houses were just engulfed in flames.
A lot of houses are obliterated.


And how was this allowed to happen?

I read about the young man who died when a chimney from a house where an explosion occurred flew into his car and
killed him.

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