Multiple fatalities in shooting at video game tournament in Florida -sheriff


Multiple fatalities in shooting at video game tournament in Florida -sheriff

Reuters Staff


(Reuters) - There was a mass shooting at a video game tournament that was being streamed online from a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday, and the local sheriff’s office said there were multiple fatalities.

“Stay far away from the area. The area is not safe,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter. “We can’t stress enough to stay away. Many blocks away.”

Local media, citing police sources, said four people were killed and about 10 wounded.

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Have these tragic incidents become so commonplace that no one (except me) even responds anymore? Still early in reporting this but it looks bad in terms of numbers of wounded and killed. I heard that one player who lost the video tournament went berserk; don’t know if that’s true or not.


What are you expecting? Do you have a petition to ban video games handy?


That’s a good idea. We must protect the innocent from these hateful games.



I guess we’re just so tired of the same discussion over and over that goes no where.


its tragic to us outside USA looking on and thinking…hmm…

its all over the news here in Australia

or banning weapons, from these events. That would help. You know , no guns and street weapons, have a metal detector set up, or two, because, thats the way society has headed.

If I can’t send my teenagers to a video game tournament for fear some person who loses doesn’t take it well and shoots up the place, that society has a problem


I would place my money on the shooter not legally carrying the weapon used, he was an out of state visitor.


I would place my money on the fact society has become so ill,

metal detectors and searches are now needed and a ban should be put on any weapon in public events.

being an out of state visitor or not legally carrying won’t stop you from being dead by a gun or street weapon.

but identififying it by metal detector etc, just might.

are people using 3D printed guns as weapons yet, do they show up in metal detectors.

we can bury our heads in the sand and make all sorts of excuses or actually do something


I think Sandy Hook elementary school, when first graders were gunned down, was the turning point or rather SHOULD have been the turning point in the U.S. But it was NOT. I have little hope of real change, such as what you suggest, after Sandy Hook.


I was just reading this


Remember kids, guns don’t kill people! They only make it easier for pPeople to kill people! No need to pass legislation!


Yes, we have to be sure to protect our youth from American football themed videogames!


Tell us what laws were in place, and what laws were broken, and we will be happy to discuss new laws that would help.

I’ll be the first to admit I dont know the answers to those questions, which is why I am not asking for the government to impose new laws will nilly.


Obviously, the investigation is ongoing, and we don’t know much.

However, my comment was less focused on “were laws broken” and more on absolute frustration that mass shootings are now considered normal! There’s a fundamental problem with society when that’s the case, and I’m just sick of the fact that this has been going on for years, yet absolutely nothing can be done because of gun worshippers.


You claim nothing can be done because of gun worshipers, which is wholly unfair and inaccurate, and can’t even point to what these gun worshipers have stymied that would have done anything in this case, since you don’t know anything about this incident…

It is obvious, you don’t like people who defend the 2nd amendment, or who in your view worship guns, but you aren’t making your case by using an attack that just occurred with little knowledge of the specifics.

Just start a separate topic called “I blame gun worshipers for the violence in America” and be done with it.


At this point the genie is out the bottle. There are more guns than people. Truth is there is no viable solution, especially with 3D printed weapons becoming more viable and access to info about improvise devices.

The Australia solution is impractical as I believe it would trigger numerous Waco type standoffs with large numbers previously lawful citizens actively taking arms against gov agents.


you still need bullets which do show up,

as far as i know it still needs a firing pin which will show up


I’m old enough to remember when people freaked out about Glock pistols because they used plastic frame. Any firearm will still need a metal barrel, firing pin, metal springs (for a semi-automatic), and metal ammunition. There aren’t any firearms atm that can pass a metal detector without setting it off.


And on Saturday, the shooter was probably a law abiding citizen…


yes, they show up. It has been illegal to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive any firearm that is not as detectable by metal detectors since 1988 in the US.

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