Multiple fatalities in shooting at video game tournament in Florida -sheriff


The last time I looked at a 3D printed gun design there was still a metallic pin and string required to figure the bullet. An assembled 3D printed gun was not without metal. Also the designs for which I am familiar will hold one bullet and can break after so many firings (ABS/PLA plastics just were not made for those stresses, though there may be other more tolerant materials now).


I’m more concerned about abortion, homosexuality, and divorce being considered normal. Those issue destroy far more lives and probably drive a lot of the violence.



Last year, there were around 15,000 (excluding suicides) gun deaths in the United States.

There doesn’t seem to be much outrage about this.

And yet I was strongly taken to task for not condemning someone who referred to the attack of September 11, 2001 as an “incident,” rather than an “attack,” or an “outrage,” or other approved word.


There were 4 mass shootings in USA over the 24 hr period the Florida incident occurred. What’s going on in society. The other three hardly got airplay


Too early to definitively say, but it looks like the shooter had been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital twice and was on anti-psychotic medications. He probably shouldn’t have been legally allowed to purchase a firearm, but as seems to happen in so many of the incidents, the authorities responsible couldn’t be bothered to report the individual to NICS. Background checks are only useful if the people responsible for conducting them have all relevant information.

23 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago, without much national coverage. This isn’t unusual for Chicago.


the media doesn’t want you to remember gun controlled chicago because it is a good reason to carry concealed.


I’m pretty sure these new ‘printed’ guns use a plastic barrel. (shudder). I certainly don’t want to be within 25 yds of someone shooting it.


Relax. As much as I think some people have an unhealthy obsession with the things, the gun worshippers comment was a joke.

I was just getting ahead of the game for what will inevitably be shared a million times on Facebook. I don’t really need to wait to do that since this whole scenario is just the first part in the latest go around of America’s dealing with a mass shooting. And just when I was starting to get used to seeing the flag at full mast again!

I never said I wasn’t. It is possible to be concerned about multiple issues.

Oh, there’s plenty of outrage. One side is outraged at the amount of death. The other side is outraged at the threat to their porn obsession.


Seems like a good way to earn the nickname “Lefty”, or (“Righty” for left handed shooters).


And gun-rights fundamentalists don’t want anyone to remember gun-controlled New York, where we’ve gotten gun crime down to historic lows.


Got a source that your gun crime is down more than your general crime rate?


Historic lows could be explained in many ways. First off if you are talking about murders then if medical technology gets better, and it has, then murders become less as the victim doesn’t die. Second the police can reclassify or just not report the gun crime. As with anything in government you can fix a lot of problems with the right paperwork.


(a) I’m not sure the differential, if any, between gun crime and other kinds of crime is all that relevant, and (b) sure, many, but I don’t feel like engaging in an endless nitpicking debate when all New Yorkers know that our city is infinitely safer, for everyone, now than it was in the bad old days.


so why isn’t chicago in the news every weekend? the gun grabbers have an agenda and chicago doesn’t fit it

how much is due to stop and frisk


There doesn’t seem to be much correlation between gun control and gun crime rates.


Joke…maybe not…
What is wrong with this picture.

You walk into an elder family’s house. The first thing they want to show you is their newest gun.

Most people I come across over the years want to show you their latest pictures of their grandkids and great grandkids. I have 2 church associates that are like the former.


ROFL, how can you say it’s not relevant? You claimed that NY had significantly reduced gun crime. This has a different meaning than crime is generally dropping in NY.


That depends. Chicago comes up semi-frequently in my news feed. Granted, it takes like 50+ people being shot before it becomes a major headline, because gun violence is just business as usual in Chicago.

Like I said, I think a lot of gun owners are unhealthily obsessed with the murderous tools, having fully bought the marketing and political rhetoric of those who profit off them. To some extent, I even think “gun worshipper” is worthwhile in a “this is what you look like” sense, but such self-awareness is generally lost on the people who most desperately need to realize that, so I generally just bring it up in a not-completely-serious manner.


Huh? It is in the news, all the time.


I don’t see on my feeds.

Where do you see it.

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