Multiple injured in active shooter incident at Wisconsin’s Mayfair Mall: Mayor

Multiple injured in active shooter incident at Wisconsin’s Mayfair Mall: Mayor

The perpetrator is “at large,” the mayor said.

November 20, 2020,

Multiple people were injured in a shooting at the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on Friday, the local mayor said.

None of the victims’ injuries appear to be life-threatening and they are being taken to the hospital, Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride told ABC News.


Hopefully, minor injuries is the worse of this.

Third one this year at this mall. I’m betting it’s not a “mass shooting” in the sense of a someone randomly shooting up the place, but more likely related to existing crime patterns.


Meanwhile, in Buckhead (expensive part of Atlanta)

If someone got shot in the posterior, that’s likely a gang thing. They do that on purpose to each other because it’s likely to result in a colostomy bag.

Unfortunately, a lot of these malls are basically places for gangs to hang out and do what they do, especially if they have stores selling the designer apparel and fancy sneakers that they like to buy.


Well that is quite disturbing. God help these souls.

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Before COVID, shootings at Lennox were becoming a once-a-month thing. The last shooting I remember was over someone stepping on someone else’s shoes. Prior to that, it was some kids from the same high school that didn’t like each other.

I have absolutely no idea why malls let the element hang around inside because it’s ruined many malls I know. I’m pretty leery of going to most indoor malls at this point because they’ve turned into places for teens to beat up and shoot each other. The parking lots aren’t exactly safe either.

I once interviewed for a job in Wisconsin back in 2010. The office buiIding I interviewed in had bullets holes riddling the walls. Turns out stray bullets would randomly enter and hit the walls.

I didn’t get the job but I consider myself lucky because I didn’t.


I foresee accusations of racism if they chased them off.


Some of them are white.

Same issues with shopping centres (as malls are called here in the UK) where you get kids hanging around all the time, often for many hours and long after school has closed. Often kids of school age are hanging there in groups during school hours and plainly truanting. But the size of the groups involved discourages anyone from moving them on. The nearest big place like this to me has groups of 40 to 50 kids doing this at times and it only got tackled because people were choosing not to shop there as it mainly hosts shops that are non-essential such as game and high-end clothes shops and cafes. People would take a look at doorways surrounded by mobs of teens fighting and just not go in.

In US, a lot of enclosed malls simply died/ went out of business. Newly constructed malls are built like open air pedestrian malls, so there’s less cost to maintain a structure and less places for youth to gather.

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Here’s a regular occurrence at Stratford Shopping Centre near me:-

Part of the problem with this one is the area you see the police walking through has a food court near it with McDonalds, Burger King etc. etc. and the kids hang there as well and there is also a flagship video game shop directly opposite. This is also opposite a major train station with a plaza outside where kids gather after school and hang around for hours, often up until ten or eleven at night, many of them have only one parent at home and they are often working long hours and the kids tend to take advantage of that and not go home and hang around on the streets with friends.

Yeah, the malls with major bus stops in US get a lot of school kid riots since a lot of teens in urban areas use the public bus to get to school.

There is a shopping community here named “Atlantic Station.” When it first opened, it was a hub of shopping and entertainment. Then it became a hangout spot; high school and middle aged kids running around, occupying theboutaide seating, but not actually contributing to the economy of the area as they were not making purchases. I stopped going, as they made the environment unpleasant.

I remember someone telling me that I need to be understanding that the kids need a place to go and have fun.

There was a place I used to. Owl at regularly. But it became a hangout spot. Since kids were. Ot buying anything the place started to charge a door fee to enter. I stopped bowling there.

What no youth clubs in the area? No libraries? No way they can visit each other at home ? No parks. Hanging around standing in front of shopping centres would have bored us mindless as teens. We went to look at shops or hang around the West End of London but standing around for five or six hours doing screwfaces was reserved for kids connected with gang sets then and the same applies now.

None of which I know.


They could.

A rather big one.

Malls are climate-controlled. That’s important in many parts of the U.S. It’s not fun tramping through 6 (or more) inches of slushy, dirty snow.

When my husband and I were teenagers (1970s), indoor malls were THE place to hang out! My husband and I started dating when we were 15 and 16, and we often went to the big mall, walked around, possibly bought a book or something small, and of course, had a snack or meal (Hot Sam–big pretzels!).

I can actually remember when I was a young teen (12-14, in the late sixties early 70s), my girlfriends and I would walk or occasionally take a bus downtown in our city–there were still lots of stores and places to get a snack, and we didn’t mind the wet snow because it was still OK to wear boots. But then the downtown went bust when the big mall was built.

NOW our big mall is off limits to teens unaccompanied by adults!! There are signs everywhere forbidding teens to enter unaccompanied. AND–we have had several gang-related shootings in the parking lot.

And our downtown is (or was, until COVID) coming back to life and has some great little shops and eateries. And we have had lots of shootings downtown.

NOW–the teens don’t go anywhere to shop except their phones. I’m so glad I was a teen when we actually went to real places with real people, and life was bigger than a small phone screen. On the other hand, I can’t blame the teens for wanting to avoid getting shot. No one ever got shot ordering online.

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