Multiple Marriages and Divorces?


What is protocol if someone is married and divorced 3, 4 or more times and then becomes Catholic? Is an annulment only required for the first marriage?


Each marriage will need to be addressed by the Tribunal. The person needs to speak with their parish priest or the procurator/advocate in their parish.


Marriage validity situations are so variable that we cannot make judgments without knowing details. Talk to a priest.


I’ve been married three times JIB and going throught the process. It’s not easy and embarassing. But I converted and my wife is in the process. Niether of us can recieve the sacrement of the Eucharist or Confession until the annulments are granted and our marriage is recognized. But we still go to Mass. Even if the annulments aren’t granted we will continue to attend the Mass now that we know the truth about the Church. God bless.





If you know the truth is in the church, why would you choose each other over the sacraments then?

You CAN become Catholic now, just stop living as if you are married. Pick Jesus and the Sacraments over anything else.


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