Multiple people shot near polling station; active shooter heavily armed

Aw man how awful! :(. What is with people? Everybody is nuts these days. UNbelievable! :ouch: :dts:

Can you imagine…being passing by just like any normal day and suddenly all this hell.Poor people. …Prayers for them all.

I don’t understand people sometimes. :mad:

Praying for the deceased & injured & their families.

Praying for the deceased, injured and their families.

praying for the departed and the injured and their loved ones.

Prayers ascending. May they rest in peace. What we learned in risk management is that if such situations are predictable, they are preventable. That was taught by a retired Captain of the CHP.

“Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina said the 45-year-old assailant was on a cocaine binge that had prompted his wife and two children to leave the family’s home Monday evening.”

Drugs kill.

Since this was centered on his home, the proximity of a polling place seems immaterial, if not misleading and purely sensational. “Gun fanatic”? Four weapons does not even a casual collector make. AYKM? “Crazed, binging coke head” had nothing to do with it? The potential for military PTSD and poor treatment of combat vets had nothing to do with this?

For this and so many other reasons, I have divorced myself from the media - all varieties. I do allow myself Catholic radio, but even Catholic news goes off. Almost unbelievable how much more at peace I am.

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