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My fiancee and I are getting married June of next year. She’s a cradle Catholic. I’m currently going through RCIA and truly loving it, and plan to convert next year.

Anyway, the priest who’s marrying us was my fiancee’s CCD teacher in high school, and they have a bond. He’s now the parish priest at a church on the other side of the state. When we first started planning our wedding, we were both relatively new to the area, and the priest at the parish we attend had no problem with letting her priest perform the ceremony there. It turned out they had gone to school together.

In the initial planning stages, not being Catholic myself, I had no significant input. But I’ve been going to Mass regularly since August, and between that and the fact that the parish priest is heavily involved with the RCIA program, I’ve gotten to really like him on a personal level, and would like him to have a part in our wedding.

I guess what I’m asking is this - is there any appropriate way to have both of them involved? We’re expecting around 100-150 people, so it’s not going to be a HUGE ceremony. Would it be out of line if nothing else to ask the parish priest to assist in the Mass?


Not at all – If his schedule permits there is nothing inappropriate about asking him to concelebrate the Mass. NB: Only one of the priests would be the officiant of the exchange of vows, I think.



Typically, the principle celebrant of the Mass is the officiant for the exchange of vows.


We had seven priests present and concelebrating. My wife’s brother is a priest, he was the principal celebrant. Four of his seminary class-mates were friends with my wife as well, and were able to come (another 6 or so were invited but had conflicts). There were also two monsignors: my wife’s childhood pastor, and a priest that had been at my parish when I was young.

The more the merrier!

God Bless

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