Multiplication of loaves and fish

The multiplication of the loaves and fishes in John 6 is a type of the Eucharist, which Jesus more clearly goes into later in the chapter. The bread represents the bread of the Eucharist. But what does the fish represent?

Each needn’t necessarily have a counterpart. The most important part of this miracle, as I see it, is the superabundance of the food: there could have been more people present! In other words, it is a call to evangelization.

“Allegorically (St. Bede, Hom. In Evan.), the five loaves are the five books of the Torah, the two fish are the Prophets and Psalms, and the young boy is the Jewish people.” Ignatius Catholic Study Bible commentary by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch.

If I am not mistaken, Hahn advances the Loaves=Eucharist as well. So that study Bible doesn’t comment on the Eucharistic pedigree of the Loaves and Fishes?

technically, it is not “multiplication” it is “multilocation”.

The very same fish and loaves are multilocated to continue to feed as many people as possible, without ever depleting anything.

No where does scripture call it “multiplication”

this is similar to the fact of christ, continuously giving His flesh and blood(glorified) without ever depeleting Himself at all.

What an amazing miracle.

Yes, at Jn 6:11 Hahn/Mitch comment: “6:11 given thanks: Renders the Greek verb eucharisteo, from which the English word “Eucharist” is derived. The miracle of the loaves thus foreshadows the institution of this sacrament at the last supper.”

The commentary then refers the reader to the note on Mk 6:35-44 where Hahn/ Mitch say: “The miracle of the loaves looks both to the past and to the future. (1) It recalls miraculous feedings from the OT, like the heavenly manna God provided for Israel in the wilderness (Ex 16) and the multiplied loaves and leftover baskets provided by Elisha (2 Kgs 4:42-44). (2) It also anticipates the later institution of the Eucharist, where the same string of verbs (taking, blessed, broke, gave) is found together, something that occurs only here and at the Last Supper (14:22).”

They also refer the reader to CCC-1335.

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