Mumford and Sons new single, wow

After listening to the song and reading the lyrics, I think the song is about God. Beautiful lyrics. This band is just such a breath of fresh air.

The lyrics:

I often have the same feeling about many of their songs. I often listen to them as I get ready for my day! :smiley:

“Hold on to what you believe” is another that really sticks out to me. In my interpretation it seems to be about someone who turned their back on their belief in God, but then realised their mistake. It’s worth a listen.

I’ll definitely have to check them out. :slight_smile:

If anyone has trouble with the link in the first post (as I did) they might want to try this one:

Oh my goodness!! I was just about to start a new thread here to see if there were any other Mumford & Sons fans out there! I love this band!

I’d have to say I truely love every song I’ve heard by them so far, and thats not something that often happens. I also love how their lyrics have meaning. Plus they make the banjo sound cool, lol;)

:thumbsup: Honestly, one of my favorite bands right now and I can’t stop listening to their first CD. It’s just so great! And now I can’t wait until their next CD is out. :slight_smile: Er…I guess I will wait. :rolleyes:

Yup, pretty much. :smiley:

although I have to admit, they are definately not the only band I’ve heard that make the banjo sound good.

I usually ignore most newer music. After this post, I’m checking them out. They are playing now on pandora for me.

In the first song I listen to, they drop the “f-bomb.” Is this OK?

Little Lion Man. This is the only song they do that in, and honestly, though I am not a fan of swearing in music, I think they managed to pull it off just right here. Its not for the sake of being crude, but rather it is meant to better express the emotions that are being felt by the narrator of the song. It actually really helps the song to capture more fully a particular aspect of mankinds existence. Swearing (not talking about blasphemy here) is not always wrong, its certainly usually crude, childish, and innapropriate, but it is not always sinful. To be honest, I really was, very surprised to find myself liking a song that included swearing of any kind, but somehow, in that song, it just fits. :shrug:

Only song? And you’re right…it does seem to portray a strong emotion.

At least on the album ‘sigh no more’, yes. There were a few other songs of theirs that I still haven’t heard that were released before that album, so I guess there could be, but I kind of doubt it.

I do quite like thier sound though. It’s…raw. I like it. The Dropkick Murhpys too I’ve just discovered, though I’m sure they’re much more vulgar. Haven’t had a chance to find that out yet though.

I do just want to say though, that album is best listened to as an album, not just as individual songs. There’s something more to it when you listen to it that way.

Indeed. It tells a story. :thumbsup:

Also, keep in mind that Mumford & Sons is from the U.K., and in my experiences, the British don’t seem to think of the “f” word as such a big deal as we do in the U.S.

This is also definately true!

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