Muppet Show anyone?

I miss them!

I have dolls of Statler and Waldorf hanging above the door of my office. When you walk in, they are looking down from you in their balcony pointing and laughing.

I may be 27 and have no kids but i love listening to the muppets 20th anniversary show on CD. It makes me laugh so hard!

Did you watch the America’s Got Talent finale with the duet of the ventriloquist and Kermit?

A while back, Time Life had a fire sale on some Muppet DVD’s and VHS… I got in too late for the DVDs… but the Tapes have been a source of great pleasure with my kids… even though they have NO clue who the celebrities are…

Big Muppet Show fans here. We often sing the ‘M-nah-m-nah’ song to each other, when we’re being disgustingly cute!

Aaah, I grew up on this show, one of the best things that ever happened to television. The mix of surreal vaudeville and near-serious tragicomedy…perfect for a certain mindset, whether child or adult.

I miss the Swedish Chef!!

And who can ever forget Miss Piggy dancing :thumbsup: “Swine Lake” with Rudolf Nureyev???

We were watching one where they were doing an opera with Bevery Sills and of course Miss Piggy was there.

That is so sweet!

My daughter was just saying she would like to have ‘M-nah-m-nah’ song for a ringtone on her cell phone.
For sure it would get laughs, bring back memories for folks, and turn heads with people wondering what that is…

The Muppet Show saved my sanity on numerous occassions.

One in particular: Late 1979, Howell, NJ. I had just come home after a more than normal hellish commute from NYC (normally 2 hours each way by bus, 3.5 coming home this night–love the Lincoln Tunnel, NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.)

Anyway, as I walked in the door my then 6-month-old was screaming at the top of her lungs, the two dogs were setting speed records between the living room and bedrooms (they switched destinations), and my wife was running a 102 fever.

The TV news was ending and I heard The Muppet Show theme over all the racket. I grabbed my daughter and a beer, planted myself on the sofa, and within 5 minutes the voice of Kermit had soothed my daughter enough to put her to sleep, the dogs had piled onto the sofa beside us, and my wife had headed to bed.

I’d like to say the night ended peacefully, but just as the show was ending, a D**N telemarketer called, waking my daughter and both dogs.

Well, a 1/2 hour of peace was better than nothing.

My kids bought me a 5 DVD box-set of the Muppet Show for Christmas about 2 years ago. They watch it more than I do!

An absolute classic. “Animal” is the best… a close second is Statler & Waldorf… then there’s poor Beaker!

It was real entertainment! I have always enjoyed watching them. I would love to get the DVD collection.

Who was your favorite Muppet on the show?

I have a soft spot for Rowlf the piano playing dog because I play piano. I think??? he was the very first muppet.

I also loved Bunsen Honeydew and Beeker! (I work in a lab.)

I love Gonzo and his performing chickens :slight_smile: Maybe it’s something to do with feeling like a bit freakish myself … and chicken :slight_smile:

You know, I don’t think that the Muppets would survive if they came out today. Everything is so PC that the radicalness of humanity which they mirrored wouldn’t be allowed. Yet this is precisely what made the show so good. If it got watered down, it would not be worthwhile.

Just look at Sesame Street in the 70s vesus today, for illustration. A once cookie addict is going health conscious. An obsessive-compulsive “count” is aging in his laid back observations of, “Oh look, there was one and now two, heh.” Does the self conscious frog who was co-dependent upon his bitchy pig girlfriend even on the show anymore? Oscar isn’t very grouchy. The mutated canary is still there, but no longer seems like a freak of nature. Even Ernie and Bert’s lifestyle is no longer questioned. But what is considered normal these days? Elmo!

The Muppets once were edgy, yet unitive in their comedy 25 years ago. But I don’t think that they’d be anything but dismissed if they had to originally exist in today’s environment.

I guess God does use the ordinary things of life sometimes and gives rest. Thanks be to God!

Yeah, there are no ‘reruns’. I was kind of wondering if it isn’t because the pupeteers are gone. The skill it took to do what they did was truly amazine. Everything was so life like, even though it was totally not. That is skill.

My favorite Muppet moment is still Fozzy the Bear singing “America the Beautiful” in The Muppet Movie. “Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear.”

But just knowing that the voice of Miss Piggy was done by Frank Oz still makes me laugh to this day. How a man could make that sound, especially the singing, and not destroy his vocal cords is beyond me.


I loved them all: Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Statler and Waldorf, and even the self-righteous, uptight eagle who tried to make the show more classy by constantly trying to get Wayne and Wanda to get through just one performance (and remember his speech on nudity? What WAS that bird’s name???)

But still my all time favorite: The Swedish Chef!

Emeril, Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, et. al.–sorry, you’re all “also rans”!

Sam, of course!!

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