Murder in Austin, TX - April 6, 2005

Hello everyone,

I didn’t know Lena Nguyen personally, but I was friends with some of her friends and have seen her once not too long ago. All of her friends are devastated by this tragedy and are praying for answers.

She was killed very violently in the middle of the day as she was staying home that day not feeling very well… from what her best friend told me, the radio was on full blast to hide her screams :frowning: The police are thinking someone climbed through her balcony door and entered the house. Her older sister’s boyfriend and her sister discovered her body in their apartment… her body having fatal wounds on her neck and wrists :frowning:

Please remember her and her family in your prayers… and that whoever committed this horrible crime will be found.

Will do :frowning: That is awful:crying:

She and her family will definitely be in my prayers. :crying:

Warmest regards,

it really is awful… she was only 19 years old! so young :frowning:

The demonic is pervasive in this country. This is becoming commonplace.

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