There was a man who died in 2010 but it was just recently discovered that he had connections to murders in allenstown NH many years ago.
To kill 4 people put them in barels and and stick them in the woods is sickening.
This clearly states something was not right.

So my question is is can can psychopathy diminish culpability for a murder? I understand murder is wrong but what im interested in is if a disorder like this could essentally remove that thought process making a murder a seamless act without alot of forethought?

Yes, such a condition could reduce culpability, or even remove it entirely if someone is really far gone. There’s a difference between some average guy who kills a man for having an affair with his wife, and some guy who kills someone because he is certifiably insane. Sometimes I wonder if most of the more…colorful murders and serial killers might not have even been culpable for their heinous crimes due to undiagnosed mental illnesses or diseases.

Yes. Even the secular law recognizes that mental disorder can excuse one of murder. God takes all factors into consideration at the Particular Judgement.

Any information at all on why he might have created these murders ?

yes research Bob evans murders allenstown nh

Are you asking this from the perspective of ‘sin’, or from a purely psychological perspective?

Im asking from a phsycologial perspective.

Here’s an article with a good amount of background info on the case:

NBC News: Drifter Bob Evans Eyed as Serial Killer, Tied to N.H. Murders

Good question.

I guess you could argue that anyone who murders for pleasure is mentally ill on some level. Which may go some way to mitigate their actions.

Definitely a Serial Killer without an ounce of conscience, a Psychopath for sure. It would interest me to know his family background while growing up. Can’t believe nobody knows his real identity.

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