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Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sr. Marguerite Bartz of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament who was murdered on the church property of St. Bernard Mission Church. She served the Navajo community in the Diocese of Gallup. Here are some statements from secular news, front page.

“wonderful and caring person… was the type of person that you could talk to without feeling fear or embarrassment…kind lady who wanted to help the [Navajo] comunity in any way that she could…wanted to have a better community where we could have a safer place to live…”

“She was known to be a woman always passionate for justice and peace and the life she lived would tell us that she would respond to this incident with a spirit of forgiveness toward whoever is responsible for these acts,” the diocese said in a written statement.


Prayed for

Gosh that’s horrible. How could anyone murder a Nun? Better pray for the murderer as well.

I love the description of her. I’ve met people like that before, especially priests/nuns/monks; “ordinary saints”, friendly, kind, warm, simple people, no arrogance or whatever, no distance from the common folk, just plain good people.

I think Abraham Lincoln once said “God loves ordinary people - that’s why he made so many of them!”


Terrible news. :mad:

I’m enclosing the news article because there is an important message in it and since CAF members are everywhere perhaps they can be on the look out for her stolen vehicle & help the authorities.

Authorities were also searching for Bartz’s vehicle, a beige 2005 Honda CR-V with a New Jersey license plate, and asking anyone who spoke to Bartz on Halloween night to contact investigators.


Oh my gosh jakasaki, I never thought of that! What a good idea!


Thank you Bailey, after scanning the web, here is an update.

Authorities find slain NM nun’s vehicle in Arizona

Investigators say a vehicle belonging to a nun slain on the Navajo Indian reservation has been recovered in Arizona.

FBI spokesman Darrin Jones said Tuesday he can’t disclose where in Arizona the vehicle was located. He says authorities hope to release additional details about the case later in the day.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time because they get the “bad” guys that did this.

Pray for all!

Best regards,


thanks again for the update. but I do think we should pray for her and as said above, for the murderers. I was surprised it made national news (you are out there in NY).

anyway, kind of hit me living down here, working with poor adolescents, knowing the kinds of things that go on, etc and also knowing how many religious, priests, lay work with Navajo and poor Hispanic and Vietnamese. Poor is not just poor, it is by all means dangerous as my “other children” would testify.

anyway, thanks again and all the rest of you, continue to pray… also for the community affected by her death.


thanks again; my goodness, had I thought it would make national news I probably wouldn’t have posted this thread!


Don’t stop posting.

Sometimes bad things happen in our neighborhods and we think the rest of the world does not know about so it’s always good to inform people.

It’s also good when the authorities need the public’s help in finding out clues, etc… etc… so keep on posting.! :thumbsup:

Like I said, it’s only a matter of time because they get these guys who did this awful thing. If they were after her vehicle, they should have just taken it and not killed the nun.

I bet you when these “tough” guys get caught, they’ll be crying like babies when they get life in prison.


You have been very sweet. The story is one of many here. I work with the same kind of population in a different setting but with a variety of cultures. But that would be another thread sometime.


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