Murdoch Mysteries

I highly recommend *Murdoch Mysteries. *

This takes place at the end of the 19th century. Murdoch is a police detective in Toronto. It’s more Quincy than *CSI. * For older people, with a good memory, it’s a lot like Hec Ramsey.

I recommend it because it is very well written and the lead actor is VERY handsome.

The above is the reason I would recommend this TV series. The series comes with an added bonus, the Murdoch character is a Catholic.

Although I have only seen the first season, and just started the second season, I have not yet heard a negative comment against the Church. Det. Murdoch talks about going to Mass and confession. When he approaches a dead body, he makes the sign of the cross.

The only negative thing, could actually be interpreted, as not negative. Murdoch’s boss is Scottish (or maybe English). There is an episode where the boss would not give Murdoch a promotion just because he is Catholic. The boss refers to Murdoch and other Catholics as papists. The reason I say that it is not a negative is because it is showing the prejudice against the Catholics of that time.

I’ve seen that on Net-flix, gonna have to give it a viewing now. Always on the lookout for something good to watch.

Murdoch Mysteries is now on its -]sixth/-] fifth season here in Canada. (It is changing networks in the fall of 2012.)
It is a great show and includes many historical references that I can appreciate.
There are a few anomalies at times, such as having a female coroner in that time period. And a few expressions that seem too modern to my ears. (Maybe once or twice per season only.)

I highly recommend it – quite refreshing from most of what passes for entertainment on the tube these days.

Watching this on Netflix. This was an episode from season 2.

Without giving away any real spoilers and leaving out some details… Murdoch was on a mission away from Toronto. He was being helped by a female. She asked if he was Catholic. He said he was. The story went on and ended with him returning to Toronto, but saying his good-byes to the female, after they had walked out of a church.

The episode had nothing to do with him being Catholic. Nothing was even mentioned about what they did in the church, They simply walked out of the church and finished their good-byes.

It was a scene that wasn’t necessary, but at the same time was very real. Sometimes when I watch this show I feel like I am in a timewarp.

That’s one of the things I find refreshing about this show. On other TV shows today (that I’ve seen) there is seldom, if any, mention of anyone being religious, let alone Catholic. The makers of modern TV want us to dissapear, and they are doing their part to make it so in the minds of the viewers.

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