‘Murphy Brown’ Review: Candice Bergen-Led CBS Revival Is Yesterday’s News


Even with a sideswipe of Charlie Rose that would have never shown up on a network show just a year ago, the revival of the Diane English-created series (returning more than two decades after its last season ended) has pretty much reduced itself to a one-note Don Quixote from what I’ve seen. With surprisingly tone-deaf digs at the likes of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Steve Bannon misfires, it is a pursuit in which the Trump White House is the constantly charged windmill to the deafening exclusion of all else.

She played a former secretary looking for a secretarial job with Murphy Brown.
That’s how Hillary Clinton was written into Thursday’s premiere of Murphy Brown. Creator Diane English has been promising a big surprise for the first night of the sitcom’s revival, which follows Murphy as she launches her own morning talk show with pals Corky (Faith Ford) and Frank (Joe Regalbuto). Just like the old days when the sitcom aired in the ’90s, Murphy is still looking for the perfect secretary. So in walks a red pantsuit-wearing Clinton.

Hillary lost. Get over it.


Watched it. Last time ever.


who is deadline.com?

never heard of them


No telling what Hillary might say.

Would the ratings improve?

click here youtube google hillary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCHJVE9trSM


I watched the first 15 minutes. Reminded me of why I didn’t watch the earlier version.


If I didn’t bring myself to watch the X Files reboot, I sure as heck ain’t gonna watch Murphy Brown.

I wouldn’t mind a Hogan’s Heroes reboot, however


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