Murrieta Official Warns Immigration Protests Likely ‘Every Time’ Buses Arrive


I don’t favor the idea of the government giving illegal immigrants citizenship and government benefits,and I sympathize with the anger of the people who are protesting the illegal immigration,but it is regrettable that some Americans have to stage protests and act uncharitably toward illegals because the government is not protecting the border and sending the illegals back. Some bishops,priests,and people on justice committees are acting like the illegals are all just poor,innocent,well-intentioned people ‘living in the shadows’ and those who oppose letting illegal immigrants stay are in the wrong and that the border and deportation laws are unjust. They are so partial to illegals that their sense of what is just and unjust is skewed. There is probably going to be conflict between some of the clergy and people who insist that the border be secured and illegals be put out of the country.


Perhaps we can start calling them children instead of illegals.


This whole mess is the result of the Republicans in Congress refusing to take on comprehensive immigration reform so they can use the issue as a wedge for political leverage against an administration run by the opposing party.


Its the result of the administration not enforcing border security and turning illegals back,and the Democrat Party luring them with welfare benefits and the promise of citizenship.


The protests must continue. The people should be driven back across the border and unloaded there. If we do not take a strong stand now the deluge will continue.

The sinister hearts of the people behind this are counting on compassionate hearts until it is too late and the truth is revealed.


University of California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States is part of a plan to create a new underclass of people who can be re-educated in order to create a subservient underclass.

Hamamoto, a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis, exclusively contacted Infowars to express his shock at what he sees as a clear “plan to destroy national sovereignty” through mass uncontrolled illegal immigration.

Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into the U.S. and by extension into the college education system is part of a deliberate plot, “to exclude the American middle class from a UC education and create a new demographic of largely immigrant or foreign national undergraduate population that can be re-educated from the ground up and controlled much more readily.”

Hamamoto’s warning is noteworthy given his position at one of the most liberal institutions in the United States. The professor acknowledged that his vocal stance against illegal immigration has already prompted a backlash, but that he had no reservations in going public.

“I am fairly certain that this is also going on at UT and other “public” institutions of higher learning, so Infowars subscribers will “get it,” wrote Hamamoto. “Everyone else will be really pissed off at me….I am already being harassed by the administration and informed on by trained student-rats, so truly this is not a risk for me.”

The professor added that UC Davis, “is gearing up for what they call the “Hispanization” of the University of California, which means in-state or full-ride tuition to both illegals and the offspring of illegal immigrants.”

Seeking to draw more attention to the issue, Hamamoto is preparing to launch a stunt based around, “a campaign calling for racial “equality” by demanding that thirty million Asians of different nationalities (be) brought into the USA and integrated into the National Security Welfare State.”

Making reference to this week’s controversy surrounding the DHS’ purchase of 42,000 pairs of extra large underwear that are needed to clothe an influx of overweight illegal immigrants, Hamamoto writes, “One of my purposely ludicrous arguments will be that the US govt. will save hundreds of thousands of dollars buying XS-size underwear for Asians as opposed to XXXXXXL-size drawers for illegal immigrants from Central America.”

“La Raza, MeCha, and all the other ethno-nationalist interest groups will really get their pantalones in a bunch thanks to this campaign. This plan to destroy national sovereignty cannot be argued through rational means, so I will orchestrate a complete parody of this bogus crisis,” writes Hamamoto.


What I don’t understand is why can’t illegals go through the same process as any other immigrant? It makes me angry because I come from a background of having family come to America legally.


To issues with this suggestion…one is that most of those the subject of this current situation do no originate from the countries that border ours…and two, Canada would not be happy with your plan.


How much sympathy do you think you would get from Native Americans?


I’m sorry if I’m wrong on this. I can understand why many people don’t like illegal immigrants flooding into this country.

But aren’t those people being housed in a facility in Murrieta until the government figures out what to do with them?

So why the outrage by residents? I think I read AP story a week ago that said the federal government is actually planning on deporting many of those migrants.

Again, sorry if i’m wrong on this


To answer your question probably none.

It also depends on your background, if you came from an Anglo British background there would be very little sympathy. French would be sympathy, Spanish some sympathy. (I’m Spanish)

Now since there are illegal immigrants I’d say give them the right to citizenship like any other immigrant would have to do. But only do it to the ones who have been here for a long time. If possible keep families together. Unfortunately there will be deportations that’s the consequence you get for not immigrating the correct way.


Efforts to dehumanize children are often used by the Pro-Choice rally.

It shouldn’t be any surprise- and so very sad.


“illegals” translation “undocumented aliens”, “immigrant”, or even “refugees”
“Democrat” translation “Democratic”

Anthony- I think folks know you are Conservative- you don’t need to use the cute “Democrat” shout-out to your fellows. :slight_smile:


But it seems to me that too many of us are selectively pro-life. We are responsible for each other, threatened with our eternal salvation, to ensure that there is no abortion and no euthanasia. However, in between birth and natural death, it seems to be morally permissible to disregard our brothers and sisters, rejecting them as illegal, a burden, not one of us, and not my problem.


I agree that we can see some of this.

Our Bishops and the Holy Father demonstrate a truly holistic love of life.


Australia, and most countries in Europe has the same problem. Both America and Australia were founded on immigrants, and both countries have profited by controlled immigration of skilled and semi-skilled workers entering and being assimated into a society broadened and benefiting from the different cultures.
But the issue becomes clouded when a government loses control of its borders.
Australia has been under such threat on a small scale with undocumented boat people forcing their way into the country by just arriving and seeking government benefits.
There is a portion of the community that has great compassion for these people and demand they be accepted.
Another portion see the threat of uncontrolled borders; influx of diseases without quarantine; a group of people who have no intention of assimilating, but rather making demands on our culture including practices such as prepubescent marriage; female circumcision; pedophilia which many object to as “un-Australian”.
The present government, by a policy of silence in the face of a left wing press; naval control of an operational policy of towing back boats to the country of origin, and the movement of all people arriving by boat to a small island controlled by Papua New Guinea, has now won back control of our boarders.
We still have a UN agreed immigration policy taking many thousands of people from areas of war or famine as well as a skill based intake.
The Catholic Church and many other socially aware groups have condemned this policy, but the vast majority of Australians applaud its success. Most are aware that in countries where you have a demographic numerical percentage of population being Muslim, you find failure of assimilation; demands for a change of cultural norms and violence. Most Australians would not want to see these problems, so best exemplified in Britain, coming here.
Compassion is a grace for any society, but it cannot be used as a facade for the loss of social integrity by the uncontrolled impregnation of an alien group making arrogant demands on our social welfare. Especially when this purported poor have spent many thousands of dollars to people smugglers. People with this sort of money are from the middle class of their own countries,merely economic refugees and not the real poor who could more reasonably demand our compassion.


So if I’m reading you right, maintaining a safe, insulated and comfortable society is more virtuous than welcoming and helping the stranger at our door?


Agree with every word. Very well stated.:thumbsup:


Yes, they are children. They are also illegals.


Yep. These are not strangers, they are people defying our laws by coming here illegally and then expecting to be treated as citizens. These could be bus loads of drug smugglers, murders, rapists and terrorists on the run from the law for all we know. We have peaceful, legal means to enter our country for all those who respect our laws and want to live here as productive citizens, not moochers on the welfare system.

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