Museum of Sex in New York

A new exhibit - who would want to take their children to this museum. I wonder if a bus load of children from a school has gone there or if the YMCA has taken any children to this exhibit? I bet it is free.:mad:

The museum’s curator, Sarah Forbes, has gathered condom boxes and vending machines, horrific photos of disease and collections of birth-control devices, American military videos and …

It is no wonder that the company that makes Trojan condoms became a sponsor of the exhibition…

“Rubbers: The Life, History & Struggle of the Condom” is on view at the Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue, at 27th Street; (212) 689-6337,

And who said museums are just for children?

There are some schools that require either informed consent of parents when taking children to museums with nude sculpture and painting--or else they don't take children there at all.

Not all books and movies are for children. Clearly this exhibition is not, either.

Just stay away from it, or make your objections known to the museum curators. I doubt if any responsible people in charge of children would allow them to see it anyway. Calling attention to such exhibits only encourages some people to go to them under the impression that “if some people object, it is worth seeing.” Peace be with you.

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