mushy stir-fry


Does any have any idea why, every time I try to make stir fry, the rice or noodles end up mushy and the entire dish is the consistency of sloppy cous cous???


Do you have the heat up high enough? A stir fry needs to cook really quickly. Another possibility is that you’ve got too much stuff in the wok. (I can’t believe I’m giving cooking tips, I’ve just had a microwaved pasta and veg dinner!:stuck_out_tongue: )


When I do fried rice - I use long grain rice, and start with it cooked and cold (we cook lots of it, then, have the leftover rice to use with other things).

I do the veggies first, then the meat (usually using leftover meat/chicken that is already cooked). Then do the egg, then set all of that aside - take it out of the pan or wok.

Then in comes a bit of oil and then the rice. I just work the rice around in the pan to coat the rice with the oil. Then I add broth to the rice, very slowly, letting the rice soak up what it wants to (almost like you do with risotto). Even though the rice has already been cooked, it will absorb more.

Then the meat/veg goes back into the pan and the final seasoning and just letting everything come together. The fried rice comes out like it is from a restaurant :slight_smile:


The only rice we use is jasmine rice, but here is how we do it. One cup rice two cups water a very tiny bit of olive oil. Stir and put on medium. When the water has evaporated, its ready.

As for stir fry.I cook my meat first, but leave it uncooked enough so it doesn’t get tough. I then add my vegatables, add a little more sauce and then let it simmer for a few minutes (depending on what sauce you’re using)

I usually make my own sauce, with Mirin, sake and soy sauce. Depending on what kind of noodles you’re using, they should just sit in hot water for about 15-20 minutes (it usually says on the instructions) and then throw then in the wok with the rest of the stirfry.


You’re cooking it too long. The idea of a stir fry is to quickly cook a mixture of meat and vegetables over a high heat. The wok should then be taken off the heat and the meal served immediately. You want the vegetables to be still just a little crunchy between the teeth. Don’t put anything other than the oil in the wok until the family is washing their hands and walking into the dining room. This might keep you from leaving the food to over cook while organizing the family.



I think the cook time and having way too much in the pan is probably my problem, also using freshly cooked rice or noodles instead of cold, day old stuff. Tonight I cooked a lot so I could pack leftovers for prepared meals to take to work. We both hate sandwiches.

I’ll have to see what happens with the next one.


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