Music and Movies on my iPod

Is it immoral for me to put CDs and DVDs that I own onto my iPod as it is illegal as far as I know. I own the DVDs and CDs, they were either bought for me or I bought them myself. Also, I record TV shows, music videos and movies from the TV and then put them on my iPod. Would it be wrong for me to do this? All help is very much appreciated.

I don’t think it’s illegal as long as you bought the original material legitimately. And you don’t distribute your MP3 and MP4 videos in the Internet or give copies to anyone else even to close personal friends for fear of them releasing copies themselves.

CDs yes, it is legal to rip to your computer and put them on your ipod. TV shows should also be fine.

DVDs are a bit of an issue. Fair use says that should be fine, but DVDs have copy protection on them and without breaking that, you can’t copy them to your computer. And breaking copy protection is illegal. :shrug: Makes no sense, I know. :rolleyes:

Thanks for replying. Where I am from it is illegal to rip CDs to my computer and put them on a MP3 player but everybody does it anyway. Also, the way I put the DVDs onto my iPod is supposed to be legal (according to because I am not removing the copyprotection but bypassing the copyprotection and the movie is going through a analogue source. If you read the link it will tell you more. Thanks.

I am sorry for bumping but I would like to know people’s views on this. Is it a sin for me to break this law?

I don’t see anything wrong with it. The movie companies won’t lose any money if you put it on your ipod. Did you get the ipod touch? I just did and I love it.

I don’t think it matters how you got the cds. As long as you are not selling the music for monetary gain it is moral and legal to put them on to an ipod.

BTW, can a friend of mine get an ipod and put my music on it, or is this syncing limited to mine alone?

Yeah, I have the Touch and love it. I am downloading music from iTunes now because i do not want to do anything immoral by buying CDs and putting them on my iPod. Thanks for all the help. I don’t think I will put CDs on my iPod as I do not want to take the risk and sin.

If you own the cd then copy the music to your own mp3 player for your own use, you are still only using one copy of the music. It is similar to the old days when people made a “mix tape” on cassette of their own records/cds. If you are in the US then this is not breaking the law.

The problem is when people start making copies for others or putting the music places where others can make copies. At that point the artist/company is not getting the money they should be paid for the additional copies of a song, so it is a theft.

There is no reason for a person to pay additionally for downloads merely to get songs that they already own a copy of (on cd) onto their mp3 player. You could have legally carried the one copy of the cd around in your old Sony Walkman and now you can carry it in your mp3 player and leave the cds at home.

It is perfectly legal to copy both cds and dvds and it is perfectly legal to put them on your ipod

File sharing is illegal.

I am still unsure as I am breaking the law (I am not in the US). Thanks for all the help.

What is the legality of ripping CD’s on loan from the library onto your iPod player? I know people who do this and I’ve wondered it if was legal.

It is not illegal to copy intellectual property that you own/have purchased from one format to another for personal use. The problem arises when you give those copies away - distribute them, as it were, because you do not have a license to do so. This wasn’t much of an issue until the internet came along because making a vast numer of copies and giving them away was impratcial. Also, while most of us have no love for the record lables or movie studios we need to understand that these entities do not keep all of the money they earn on royalties - they have to pay the artist, songwriter, producer, etc. So stealing music or other intellectual property actually takes money out of the pockets of the folks singing the song - not something a fan should do. This is how these folks make their living. :slight_smile:

I know I should not rip CDs belonging to somebody else onto my computer and I know I should not download copyrighted songs for free. St. Augustine said “An unjust law is no law”. Would the law that says putting CDs onto a computer or a MP3 player illegal (I am not in the US) considered an unjust law?

Perhaps if you tell us where you are from, we could assist you in doing a little research on the issue:)


I’m from the great country of Ireland.

I am very interested in this thread. I too am wondering about the library. I had the movie the Passion of the Christ and I loaned it to the prison overflow facility where I work. The ladies there either lost it or are still using it, so I borrowed it from the library and put it on my ipod so I wouldn’t have to buy it again. Is this wrong?

I would vote yes. Only one copy of the DVD was paid for and now there are two in use. :shrug:

I think if you borrow a CD from the library, it is ok to put it on your ipod as long as you are in possession of the CD. Once it is returned, it should be deleted though.

These are the current US laws AFAIK.

The ambiguity is that your average person doesn’t distinguish between what constitutes a digital copy and what doesn’t. When I was young, it was legal to make a cassette mix from an LP (or at least we did it all the time without knowing any better). It was legal to make a VHS tape from a TV show to watch later - only exception I knew of was major league baseball - they tell you up front not to record without express written permission. The part I never understood is how having a copy on your mp3 or computer is considered “in use”, even when you are not accessing it. I often make “car copies” of audio CDs that I have purchased - so as not to damage the original. Now if I originally downloaded these songs from iTunes or another legal download service - this is perfectly legal according to my license agreement - but if I bought the CD from a store, I can only make a cassette according to the links above.

Why don’t you put some free Catholic MP3s on your iPod and save yourself the morality crisis?

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