Music as prayer

Does anyone here sing or play a musical instrument and use that time as a type of prayer? do you think that is possible to do?

thanks :slight_smile:

Any piano players might enjoy this article about Blessed Dina Belanger :slight_smile:

I do play guitar and keyboards and have played music as prayers of thanks. Those moments tend to be prayer and not anything I record.

Flute and guitar. No talent but plenty of soul.

Music director here.
At every Mass in my parish my music is my prayer

St. Augustine said; “Those who sing, pray twice”.

Yes, most definitely. :slight_smile:

I have a digital piano here at home.

It has different settings on it, and one of the fun things that I like to do is put it on “Pipe Organ” setting and then play hymns on it.

I have many different piano hymn books and I use those for personal worship. :slight_smile:

I am actually studying to be a concert pianist. I love to play old hymns in my spare time, and I like to transpose my favorite Gregorian chants to keyboard. One of my favorite composers, Franz Joseph Haydn, was a devout Catholic who always turned to the Rosary when he needed inspiration.

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