Music at Children's Mass

Our school has the children’s mass on Friday. A few weeks ago, I walked in to the sounds of gospel music. The music director (who is also the music teacher at the school) was having the children (choir) practice their music and the music sounded particularly… well, like I heard in the Pentacostal church I went to years ago when I used to go with a friend of mine to the church where her husband was the pastor. Then he had the children start clapping. I expected to see them start swaying and waving their arms. Now, I personally love gospel music and enjoy it - but not in my child’s mass. I don’t know whether this music is appropriate - I don’t want to complain about something that is perfectly acceptable. But I would like my child to learn the wonderful music that the church has used for centuries. We can learn gospel music in other venues. I was a bit taken aback by this, and the next evening, when I went to Saturday vigil, the music director had brought in someone playing the guitar. Now, I pretty much hated the guitar mass/folk mass that we used to have 30 years ago, and left the church for 25 years (not for that alone, but it was not something that kept me in the church :)). Now that I’m back, I’m just not thrilled to see music director leaning towards these things again. Am I over-reacting, or out of line? I returned to the church and was happy to find that our priest was a pretty traditional guy. Now, he’s evidently encouraging this from our music director. What is appropriate music for mass? Is gospel music considered music from another denomination?

Thanks for listening to my rant! :slight_smile:

i think everyone is entitled to their opinion…you could just see how it plays out and see what the rest of the parishoners are thinking…the pastor will probably go w/ the majority…me personally…i would love it to see our kids doing gospel…we too have a folk group and i love them…but i also love the tradional choir at the 10:30 on sunday…there is also a 7pm teen mass on sunday that is mostly rock…there should be something for everyone! i hope you can find your niche!

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