Music at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany NY


I watched the installation of Albany’s new Bishop Scharfenberger today. I’m not a person who usually enjoys much music at church…but their choir was wonderful, and they chose beautiful music. It was a pleasure to watch…and hear!


Was the music chant, or classical, or simply beautifully-rendered contemporary music? – We have so much to thank our Pope Emeritus Benedict for the extension of the Church’s heritage of glorious music back into normal use.


Now if only the PARISHES in the diocese would take a leaf from that book and leave the 1970s church music back in the 1970s. . .


Carmel, I am totally uneducated in music…I couldn’t tell you what it was, just that it was beautiful. It was on EWTN today…it might be linked on their website or shown again if you want to check it out. It didn’t sound like contemporary music to me.


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