MUSIC: Beach Boys' "Smile"

This sound finally put to rest the endless debates about which version of "Smile" is the best.

I hope it includes some more alternate takes of "Heroes and Villians." I love that song. :)

Personally, I'm very excited for this release!

woah im surprised to find some beach boys fans here. Yes i am very excited about the original smile recording being released. I wonder if they found alot of stuff that wasn't bootlegged yet.

I wonder how long before someone pops in here and says


[quote="wiggbuggie, post:3, topic:232246"]
woah im surprised to find some beach boys fans here.


I was a bit surprised as well. I grew up listening to their music, and I've always enjoyed it. They're one of my favorite bands.

even though i was born in 86, I fell in love with pet sounds and there music is timeless, ageless no other rock/pop group harmanizes like them. beach boys today is another one of my fav album of theres

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