Music biz sales off for a seventh year: study

Music biz sales off for a seventh year: study
Thu Jul 5, 2007 1:45AM EDT

LONDON (Billboard) - The global recorded music market fell for the seventh consecutive year in 2006, and the slide is accelerating in 2007, according to figures published by a music trade group.

Sales fell 5% year-over-year to $19.6 billion, said the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), a London-based group that represents the major record labels.


Why don’t price the CD more reasonably and quit putting out the toxic sewage. Maybe then the sales will rise. :rolleyes:

As for me, the music I listen to (classica) usually cost less since I buy it it sets.

What the labels and the RIAA will say is that the higher cost is the price we (the consumers) pay to offset music piracy. Although I still occasionally buy CDs, brick-and-mortar CD stores are quickly going the way of the 8-track tape.

maybe the music industry is getting a taste of the backlash of 20 years of putting out the packaged musical equivalent of twinkies and starting to see that isn’t what people want. no one is going to be listening to noise like 50 cent and brittany spears 30 years from now.

where have all the elvis’, hendrixs’, dylans’, springsteens, cashs’ and joplins’ gone??

give a decent product it will sell. the people who believe piracy has ANYTHING to do with plunging sales… they’re wrong.
people will be suckered for a while into buying a bill of goods… eventually, even the general population wises up.

I buy CDs from Amazon. Always a much cheaper price. I stick to the classic rock though, like Rush.:thumbsup:

While I tend to agree that much of the music today is on the rubbish side, this is the same thing people were saying about the Beatles and Elvis, so I think one man’s garbage…

At any rate, I agree too that the price of the typical CD is quite outrageous for what is included. I think back to even the B sides of The Beatles, and the quality still present in them. In a typical CD these days, even of bands I may like, there are generally 2-4 songs I like, and the rest I consider to be filler.

I think the digital rise through places like ITunes will continue…I would much rather get what I want, mixing artists and albums for the same price of a single CD.

Many ITuners out there?


Music has been grating recently, hasn’t it? There are some cool songs that come out every now and then but I have learned my lesson from the 90’s. Every contemporary CD I bought for close to 10 years had 1-3 good songs (the ones I liked from the radio) and a bunch of waste. There were exceptions (Nirvana, Metallica, and a couple others) but mostly I felt like I got ripped off every single time.

I gave up, strangely enough, around 7 years ago (only the 30 second samples for me; not a single song downloaded or otherwise purchased in, heh, 7 years!) When I’m not listening to my CD collection, I just hit the search button on the radio and stop when something’s good. It’s usually NPR or BBC world news!

Wow, it seems that the quality of music tracks is coming down over time, too. In the effort to make songs louder, the are distorting the natural sounds within the music.

Part of the problem is discussed here.

Louder music is the trend but at the expense of quality. I remember reading about this some years ago, but never thought it could make that much of a difference.

I never understood why I like live contemprary music so much, but just can’t stand the CD recording of the SAME SONG. I think I found a possible explanation!

CD is a dead format and unfortunately the sheer availibility of music renders even the good music disposable. Sitting through 4 hours of Wagner’s Ring cycle was easy back then because that was the only time you got to hear music really. Now we are bombarded with it.

I usually do not buy CD’s because it is cheaper to download songs with iTunes.

Also, the mainstream music industry is abysmal. In order to hear anything good these days, one must either subscribe to satellite radio or listen to internet radio. There are still talented artists out there, but you will not find them by listening to a station owned by Clear Channel.

Only a handful of media outlets own most labels and radio stations. Then again, I stopped listening in the early 90s because it seemed the stations were generally playing what they wanted, and promoting what they wanted. Then rap entered the scene and I have no desire to listen to songs like Cop Killer and others about disrespecting women, putting a “cap” in someone and the related gangster image. They can play it but I won’t buy it.

Saying piracy has no impact is nonsense. Every copy that is made is money that is taken away from that label/artist. It seems to me that the logic is “they’ve got all the money they need” as opposed to, you want to buy something, pay for it. So-called file sharing sites are just criminal enterprises, sometimes defended with a “Hey, this CD is getting more exposure.” That’s what paid advertising is for.

And yes, there are really good musicians out there, but people have to take the time to look. The internet is less effective than the mass media about telling people what’s out there.

God bless,

I really could care less if the whole music industry flopped. Wouldn’t break my heart…in fact, I feel the same way about the film/tv industry too.

There are so many lost souls in the industry that honestly need to lose every material thing they have and be brought to their knees until they turn back to God.

The music industry could use a little “Natural Selection” to weed out what seems to me to be tons and tons of poor quality music. I try to listen to the radio now and then to see if someone new catches my attention but my drives are short and it seems, much to my frustration, that most of my radio listening ends up being ALL commercials!!!

I’ll be sticking to my classical, alternative and electronic purchased over the course of years until somehow, some way I discover something new – probably through my kids when they are teens (ha and they are toddlers now, but I can wait)

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